Sunday, July 31, 2011

Catching Up, Part Seven: Strong Female Characters, Womanthology, Wonder Woman, & more

"Strong Female Characters"/"Sexism is Over!":

SEXISM IS OVER: Kate Beaton's 'Strong Female Characters' [Webcomic]

Sexism is over!

'Strong Female Characters' Inspires Strong Female Fan Art, Animation

War Rocket Ajax #5: ComicsAlliance's Podcast Talks Dr. McNinja, Strong Female Characters


Womanthology raises $27,000 overnight. Are you listening, Marvel and DC?

Womanthology offers a new way for to showcase and support Women in Comics


WOMANTHOLOGY need your help!

VIDEO SHELF FRIDAY: ‘Womanthology’ roars, ‘Batman’ soars — and News of the World is floored

The Womanthology has just over $7500 to go, and it just went live last night!

THE WOMAN BEHIND ‘WOMANTHOLOGY’: Renae De Liz sees inspiration blossom for 140 female artists

Kickstart Womanthology!

Womanthology: A Massive, All-Female Comics Anthology

VIDEO SHELF FRIDAY: ‘Womanthology’ roars, ‘Batman’ soars — and News of the World is floored

The Rapid Rise of "Womanthology"

WOMANTHOLOGY: An Indie Sensation Before Publication

Womanthology Project Blows Up on Kickstarter


Womanthology News!

Anthology of Showcasing Female Comic Creators Needs Funding

Womanthology offers a new way for to showcase and support Women in Comics



WOMANTHOLOGY: An Indie Sensation Before Publication

Womanthology reaches funding goal in less than 19 hours

Women Comic Book Creators Find a Home on Kickstarter


Womanthology, and Batgirl speaks out

Announcing: Womanthology

Female comic creators unite for a cause in Womanthology

Wonder Woman:

DC Puts Wonder Woman on Sale Online

Gene Colan Week - "A Bold New Direction for... Wonder Woman"

An interesting discovery on how Wonder Woman was perceived in WWII comes through the Google News Archive.

Is Ralph Cosentino’s Story of the Amazon Princess a Wonder Woman who actually works?

Wonder Woman is alone?

All of these folks got reboots before Wonder Woman ever had a single film.

Wonder Woman Web

Wonder Woman Loses Her Pants in DCnU?

DC Puts Wonder Woman on Sale Online

Comic Book Easter Eggs – A Trio of Wonder Woman Easter Eggs!

'Wonder Woman' TV Pilot Storyboards Surface, Give a Glimpse of Paradise Island

Wonder Woman: A Look Back at the Controversial Take on the Amazon Princess During the '70s

Is the classic Wonder Woman costume back in the DCnU??

The surest sign that Wonder Woman with pants is the status quo

Original sketch of NBC Wonder Woman costume; designer explains process

No pants! This is indeed the cover to Wonder Woman #1

Storyboards from Wonder Woman pilot

That Wonder Woman Pilot: No wonder this didn’t get picked up

Didio and Lee: More to come on the Wonder Woman costume

Lego and DC extend agreement; Wonder Woman, Superman to get sets

New Wonder Woman items designed for younger fans

Wonder Woman OGN to be released in the fall

Sale on digital “Wonder Woman 101” comics

Apropos of nothing, here's an Art Baltazar drawing of Wonder Woman riding her kanga Jumpa:

Wherein I talk about Wonder Woman’s underpants.

DC Retroactive: Wonder Woman – The 90s Cover Revealed

No More Pants For Wonder Woman?

October 2011 Solicits: Wonder Woman #2

Flashpoint: Wonder Woman and the Furies #2 Preview

The First Look Inside Wonder Woman #1!!

Lego Wonder Woman (How Awesome Is That?!)

A Look At The New Wonder Woman From Justice League Dark #1?

Colleen Doran’s Sketches For A Lost “Fantasy-Oriented” Wonder Woman

A Second Cliff Chiang Page From Wonder Woman #1!!

Wonder Woman Pilot Review OR Now I Understand Why It Didn’t Get Picked Up

Three Pretty Extensive Clips From the Failed Wonder Woman Pilot Remind Us Mostly of TV in the Nineties

Some Wonder Woman Concept Art You Haven’t Seen

DC Inexplicably, Quietly Changes Wonder Woman’s Costume… Again

Storyboards Give Us Another Taste of the Wonder Woman Pilot

DC Comics Gives LEGO Permission to Make Tiny Wonder Women

Breaking: Wonder Woman is still wearing jeggings

10 Things I hated about the Wonder Woman Pilot

Wonder Woman, Red Sonja, and Xena: Warrior Princess walk into a girls’ locker room…

Is this the triumphant return of Wonder Woman’s star-spangled shorts?

Ben Caldwell on Paradise Island

Colleen Doran’s JMS Wonder Woman that you didn’t see

New Wonder Woman action figures for the youngest of fans

Has the great Wonder Woman pants/no pants question been answered?

The Wonder Woman We Didn’t See

Frank Miller Owns Batman: “he’s a rube.”

X-Men: First Class

Why X-Men: First Class has issues

Magneto and Professor X Had Sex at the Movies This Summer—Did You See It?

July Link Love: X-Men First Class, Green Lantern, and Other Tidbits

Fantastic Fangirls Podcast # 3: X-Men First Class


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