Sunday, July 31, 2011

Catching Up, Part Four: Kevin Keller, LGBTQ in Comics, The Power Within, & more

Kevin Keller:

Archie Comics’ Kevin Keller is getting his own series … AND MARRIED …

Archie Planning KEVIN KELLER Ongoing for February 2012

Now Archie Comics Brings Us Gay Marriage

Kevin Keller, Archie‘s Gay, DADT Referencing Teen Character to Get His Own Monthly

Archie Comics Sues Its co-CEO for Sexual Harrasment

SDCC ’11 | Archie gives Kevin Keller his own series

SDCC ’11 | Dan Parent on the future of Kevin Keller

Archie Comics’ Gay Character Gets Full Series

Gay ‘Archie Comics’ Character Scores Monthly Spin-off

‘Archie’ Comics Are Officially All In On Gay Rights

Now Archie Comics Brings Us Gay Marriage

LGBTQ in Comics:

Exclusive Preview: Generation Hope #9 Addresses Teenage Gay Suicide

1. I can’t recall but I’m pretty sure that neither Tony nor Steve have ever stated their sexuality.

It saddens me that DC has this policy that doesn’t allow their writers to talk about the sexuality of the former Robins unless they are *straight.*


I find it weird because I feel like they’re presuming that all of their “straight” characters are a 0 on the Kinsey Scale.

Superman's Ex-Girlfriend Lana Lang Tries to Get Clark Kent Out of the Closet [Comic]

Comics We Love: Howard Cruse's 'Stuck Rubber Baby' in Print Again At Last

What else would I post?

Up, Up and Out of the Closet

Looks like Renee will be in the DCnU; Dan Didio on DC and LGBT characters

So, let me get this straight …

Kick Ass LGBT Women: One Year Later

Marcus Bachmann & My Gay Barbarian Connection

Gay Previews 9/2011

Souls Of Splendor

Three #2

Bludgeon #0

Dan DiDio On Gay Characters in the DCnU: Renee Montoya Possibly Confirmed as The Question?

Jeffrey Catherine Jones film preview to screen at San Diego

Comics A.M. | DC’s gay and lesbian heroes, ‘more brooding’ Superman

Look! It Moves! #105 by Adi Tantimedh: Superheroes ‘R SEXXXXXX (Oh, And Gay!)

A Personal History of a Queer Cartoonist and Self Publisher (i.e. Me)

Prism Comics Announces Queer Press Grant Deadline For 2011

Support “Feast of Fun”, Feast on Northwest Press Books!

Prism Comics' "Gay Agenda" Revealed for Comic-Con 2011

My Friday Comic-Con Report: The Future of LGBT Comics is Good

Let’s Talk About Lesbian Batwoman Some More


Coming out in comics: Poison Ivy

Previews for Gays, July 2011

DC Relaunch: Batman Vs Chip Kidd

HuffPost Features Not One But TWO Articles on LGBT Comics Creators!

'Beefcake Heroes': Joe Phillips Brings Gay Superheroes Out Of The Closet (PHOTOS)

Review: Friend of Dorothy #2

The Power Within:

Preview: The Power Within, A Comic About Gay Teen Bullying

Pro-Gay Comic Taps 'The Power Within' To Combat Bullying

The Power Within

The Pride:

The Pride: queer superheroes

I actually took a look at the previews and… this isn’t something I would support as a queer person.

Wandering Son:

Wandering Son

Manga Review: Wandering Son Reveals Softer Side of Gender-Bending

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