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Monday June 13th to Friday June 17th

Barbara Gordon/Batgirls:

reading the Batgirl letters page makes me sad

Batgirl to walk again thanks to DC Comics revamp

I automatically think you’re an asshole if…

This is Barbara Gordon

The Batgirl Issue

Comic Rack – Batgirl #22

DC Re-boot/Non-boot/Nu-boots/whatever you wanna call it

Gail Simone And B Clay Moore: The Gender Politics Of The DC Relaunch

Well, Now We Know Why It’s Not To Be Called A Reboot…

I walked into my local comic shop today and was bombarded with all sorts of offensive comments (comments that I found offensive, they were very sexist and ableist) today about the DC reboot by a notorious staff member there.

How about this: Steve Rude posted on his Facebook page that he wants to come back to doing regular comic book work.

What do DCnU’s MIA Heroes Think of Being Missing?

48 Hours To Reimagine The DCU (Unless You Knew Bob Harras Back When)?

The new DCU

DC relaunch update!

DC clarifies that DCnU history contains DCU history

DC Editors on the Relaunch: Cost, Female Costumes, and What's Still in Continuity [Interview]


And now, a lesson in avoiding the question.

5 Female Characters Who Should Have Headlined Books In The DC Relaunch OR No Lois Lane Book? Seriously?

Couldn't Help Myself- I Peeked

Power Girl’s Status in the new DCU

New DC Universe Scoreboard, Part II: Rounding out the 52 titles

Agent of S.T.Y.L.E.: The Fashion of the DCnU! Part 2

I Have Had Enough DC


Father's Day:

Q&A #114: Who is your favorite father in comics?

Five kick ass dads of DC women who kick ass

Five DC dads who need to get their ass kicked

standing in the ruins of another black man’s life

*raises eyebrow* If one is going to ignore Beechen’s run, then David Cain isn’t really as bad as all those other fathers.

This line of arguing makes me pretty uncomfortable to be honest.

Green Lanterns:

In Whitest Day, In Blackest Night: Race and the Green Lantern Movie

Shayera: incapable of making any decisions in relationships for herself


oh god hal fans shut the fuck up

OP/ED - Green Lantern: The Truth About Black and Green

Green Lantern clips with Amanda Waller and Carol Ferris

The Underboobage is back!

Green Lantern fan comic sends Jordan and Stewart on patrol


'Green Lantern' Reopens Debate Over Racism in Science Fiction

'Green Lantern' is opening. Does it appeal only to white American males?

JLI Mystery Character:

JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL #1 Cover Pulls Disappearing Act

Where’s the new chick in DCnU JLI?

The Case of the Mysterious Disappearing Superheroine

Kevin Keller:

Welcome Back, Kevin!

Kevin Keller #1

Archie Tries to Avoid Gay Stereotypes in KEVIN KELLER Series

Kevin’s World


Review: Keven Keller Issue #1


It’s Even Worse in the Comics Industry

Ladydrawers Launches, Confuses

Mystery postcards highlighting comics gender issues hit mailboxes — SOLVED

LGBTQ in Comics:

Young Romance's "That Strange Girl" - An LGBT Romance Comic Book Story - Or Is It?

Dynamite Damsels

Gay Previews – 8/2011

Akadot advertises too-hot-for-Kindle bundle

Not Strictly Comics:

Community’s Dan Harmon Talks About Women in the Writers’ Room

8 Real Women Who Deserve Their Own Action Movies

BioWare Pledges to Totally Acknowledge Female Shepard in Mass Effect Marketing This Time

E3 2011 Booth Babe Babes Bonanza!

Quote of the day #2 | “We have to stop thinking of it as a quota thing and think of it as a common-sense thing”

A Brief List and Analysis of White Savior Films

Submitted by Anonymous

Glee Had No Official Writing Staff, Now Has One With Women On It

Race, Ethnicity, & PoC in Comics:

Joan’s Kinda Racist.

New DC Universe Scoreboard, Part II: Rounding out the 52 titles

Race + Comics: Are DC’s POC Titles Already In Danger?

On Circumcision, Politics, and Rhetoric

Holy Burkas, Batman!

The Comics Connection III: The Green Lama (and I don’t mean Milarepa)

Scott Adams:

Shorter Scott Adams: Men are naturally rapists, cheaters and dick-pic-texters (and maybe Scott Adams likes pegging?)

Parting Shot: Scott Adams Calls Rape a 'Natural Male Instinct' (Like Tweeting Dong Shots)

Scott Adams surprisingly revealed as a female supremacist

Static Shock:

Ouch. Deep Breath. Expected Disappointment

Static Shock Special (June 2011)


LMC Tells You What To Buy #1

Dear DC Comics, please do this book

The Many, Many Supergirl Costume Redesigns of Cory Walker

Interview With Jake Black

Supergirl #1 Solicitation

Kelly Sue DeConnick Interview

Review: Supergirl #65

Review: Supergirl #65

Supergirl #65


Dan DiDio signals the end of the Clark Kent/Lois Lane marriage

Didio implies the Supermarriage may be over

Ah Dan Didio. You have earned our love.

The end of the Clark Kent/Lois Lane marriage

DC Comics May Split Up Superman and Lois Lane

So what’s up with that super break-up?

Superman and Lois Lane to Break Up in the DC Relaunch?

Dan DiDio: Superman’s Marriage Is ‘Being Reexamined’

But… I Like Married Superman

Thursday Night Thinking #187

Only one more day for the marriage of Clark and Lois?

Women & Gender in Comics:

Power Girl’s Sexuality:

3 Chicks Review Comics – Episode 019

Jesus Christ I am so God damn sick of seeing so many people complaining about ‘skanky’ super hero outfits.

The Women Men Won't See

The greatest comic ever on sexism

Morning Glories #10

The Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury

In Which Colleen Coover Wins The Comics Internet

The goal of Market Monday is to show everyone all books coming out this week with female talent involved.

The Desert Peach by Donna Barr

Marvel Girls go 80s retro

Interview: Jackie Lewis

Interview: Svetlana Chmakova and Dennis Lo

Review: Ivy

Anita Fite (Empress)

Janet van Dyne (Wasp)

DC teams up with Subway for JLA comic

Dear DC Comics, please do this book

Review: Life with Mr. Dangerous

Amy Mebberson's Mad Muppet Skills Conquer Any Commission [Art]

Forbidden Love: I Read a Teen-Age Romance

Women In Comics Statistics: DC, May 25, 2011

Women In Comics Statistics: Marvel, May 25, 2011

Gendercrunching – May 2011

The happiest LADY cartoonists of all time?

Beasts of Burden in development

Forget the movie — Dorkin & Thompson working on new Beasts of Burden comics

From Batwoman to Blondie: J.H. Williams III

The Josei Alphabet: T

Julia Wertz revisits her childhood home

Why Aren't There More Women In Comics?

While we're discussing the problem with women in comics...

Survey on women and comics

Special Series-The Palette of Twelve Secret Colors by Nari Kusakawa

Venus Envy by Erin Lindsey

ProFile Friday

Mini Documentary: WOMEN in COMICS

Women In Comics Revisited

Wonder Woman:

Flashpoint: Wonder Woman And The Furies #1

Wonder Woman, Architecture and Mortality

X-Men: First Class:

The Best and Worst of 'X-Men: First Class' -- Moral Complexity and Depressing Racial Politics

Here’s your daily dose of passive-aggressive fancomics!

I don’t really care about being unfair to this guy’s character.

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