Saturday, June 04, 2011

Thursday June 2nd & Friday June 3rd

DC Reboot:

Four new Green Lantern Titles Announced by DC

The rest of solicits for #1s in September

Wallace and Robinson on Mr. Terrific

Jurgens and Lopresti on JLI

Azzarello & Chiang on Wonder Woman

The new Justice League - Who makes up the rest of the 14?

Supergirl Costume Changes?

Why I Am Cautiously Optimistic About Azzarello On Wonder Woman

Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang on Wonder Woman #1

Reblogged: Wonder Woman’s New Author

Reboot Madness! Everything Must Change!

Brian Azzarello And Cliff Chiang On New Wonder Woman #1!!!

Emma speculates on the post-Flashpoint DCU, puts her fist through a wall.

Disability in Comics:

With the rumors coming out of this DCU reboot, I knew I was going to start seeing images like this.

Kate Beaton:

Parting Shot: Kate Beaton's Brown Recluse Spider-Man

Kate Beaton has released the cover for her new book

Kate Beaton’s Spider-Man (and every other superhero she’s drawn)

The biggest news of the week: HARK! A VAGRANT cover

Brown Recluse Spider-Man

LGBTQ in Comics:

A Perspective on the Homoerotic Interpretation of Comic Book Characters

Villains Do It Better

Comics A.M. | Archie addresses gays in military; NYT explains Crisis

Archie Comics To Tackle Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Head On

Cannon & Saber: Gay supervillains in love! Part I

Not Strictly Comics:

Shia LaBeouf: Megan Fox Is A “Spice Girl” Feminist

Nine Reasons Women Don’t Edit Wikipedia (in their own words)

Race, Ethnicity, & PoC in Comics:

Black Superheroes Get Their Own Series In DC Relaunch

Overthinking Things 6/2/2011

Poignant Panels: J. Jonah Jameson

Women & Gender in Comics:

Congratulations to First Female Comickers Recognized by NCS

Introducing Friday Femmes

Women in Comics: Women in Trousers

Lulu Moppet (Little Lulu)


“Being Alone Is a Nice Thing for Me”: A Leslie Stein Interview

ProFile Friday: Alison Bechdel

I like the idea of pants.

Back Issue Box: Superman Family #205

The Josei Alphabet: R

LADYDRAWERS: an update

Wonder Woman:

well, i can’t speak for everyone

Variety: "Wonder Woman Pilot Deserves a Second Look"

Everything You Need To Know About The Failed Wonder Woman TV Pilot

Wonder Woman on Batman Brave and the Bold!!

Cliff Chiang’s Punk Rocker Wonder Woman

A quote that changed my understanding of Wonder Woman

How I would reboot Wonder Woman

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