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So, a serious question

Prolific Anime Voice Actress Tomoko Kawakami Dies

Barbara Gordon and Batgirl Reboot Centered Posts

Gail, Jill and Babs: A Conversation about BATGIRL & ORACLE

She’s been removed from the action and danger for a long time.

Steph, though, is a perfect example of why I hope people give Barbara a chance.

Just So We’re Clear On The Whole “People Will Get Over It” Thing

I don’t think she was ever presented, or consistently presented, as a female Robin, for instance.

Okay okay edited and shortened letter

I wish I didn’t feel so betrayed by Gail

They don’t have titles though.

Yeah it’s mostly just my rage goggles

Sigh. I’ve got the DCU blues.

Batgirl Walks! Thoughts on the DCnU’s Barbara Gordon…

My letter to DC.

Just got done reading Gail Simone’s interview on Batgirl

Let's just get the Oracle/Batgirl thing out of the way

Ask Chris #60: Batgirl Walks Again?

More Oracle-related ranting from Idgie.

Look! It’s the REAL Batgirl!

why do you hate so much on barbara gordon being batgirl?


Oracle 1989-2011

Phil Noto says good bye to Oracle

A beautful piece by Phil Noto who shares his thoughts on Oracle:

on the boot

That’s sort of a tone argument.

On The DC Flashpoint/Batgirl Reboot

To whom it may concern at DC Comics,

In Defence of Oracle

Blue Beetle Reboot Centered Posts

EXCLUSIVE: Bedard & Guara Launch "Blue Beetle"

Blue Beetle #1

DC IS Doing a Blue Beetle Comic!

Catwoman Reboot Centered Posts

Judd Winick on Catwoman: Sexy! Violent! Sexy! Really Sexy! Did I say Sexy?

Catwoman: The Hyper-Sexualization of a Sexual Woman

General Reboot Diversity Centered Posts

DC relaunch: the good, the bad and the ugly

Back to the future.

Things many fans did ask for from DC:

Well, that was frustrating to tally up. I’m going to go be grouchy now.

And with the final four reporting in, lets post that last tally…

A letter to Diane Nelson

So How Diverse is DC's new line?

img: Pie chart, showing the number of men and women writing/drawing for DC post-reboot

img: Another pie chart.

Just a few rough random graphs on the male/female ratio in The Full 52.

Yes, Apollo and Midnighter are still gay men.

So, imagine the season premiere of Fringe rolls around,

As the most high profile female superheroine what are your hopes for Wonder Woman in this new DCU.

Birds of Prey #13 or, How DC is convincing me to stop buying their monthly books

Dearth of Female Creators in the DCnU: I feel a little better

Reboot Wishlist: 9 Comics We Want To See From the New DC

More from the LA Times

Minor & Personal Musings On Change

Killing Hawkwoman

I'm back!

Grumpy Old Fan | Blowed up real good

Thoughts on September's DC solicits

DC eliminated our favourite characters for these guys?

Your Morning DC Comics News: Blue Beetle, Harley Quinn, Apollo and Midnighter

Big Changes. Right.

I had a thought.

Only you can stop Donna Troy.

Women In Comics: DC Relaunch

Where are all the female creators, DC?

Half the time activists seem to be whiny assholes who never give credit to anyone

Harley Quinn Redesign/Reboot Centered Posts

Warning STRONG drink required

Simply put, what helped me cement my affection for all things geeky was the fact that Harley Quinn

megan rosalarian gedris: thoughts on the new harley design

Suicide Squad #1

Supergirl Reboot Centered Posts

New Costume? (Edited x 2)

Michael Green And Mike Johnson To Write Supergirl

Brand New Look for Supergirl


Grin and Bear It

Tomorrow: Archie Comics Creator Comes To Main Street Comics

"Fighting Dopes"


Review: A Bride’s Story Vol 1 by Kaoru Mori

New Readers Start Here

Northlanders: Sven the Returned

Characters of Colour in superhero Comics - the women (part two)

Not strictly Comics

does anyone else find the “idiot nerd girl” meme really gross and sexist

Rape and Red Robin (trigger warning)

Red Robin #24

Really, the only thing I have to say about this besides it better not happen

The Possible Rape of Timothy Jackson Drake-Wayne

Re: Red Robin


Can I just say how i’m a little bit

You want to fight, DC?



About Red Robin #24

Women and Gender

Know Your DCU: Talia al Ghul

Women In Comics Statistics: Marvel, May 18, 2011

Batgirl’s Last Dance: The Brave and the Bold #33

Hi, can I talk about this girl for a moment?

Women In Comics Statistics: DC, May 18, 2011

Womanthology has a publisher!!!

This is from Batgirl: Secret Files & Origins

A Month of Comic Book Sites – Supergirl Comic Box Commentary


Maya Lopez (Echo/Ronin)

ProFile Friday: Madeleine Joan Blaustein

Review: Dark Swan: Storm Born Vol 2 by Richelle Mead and Grant Alter

Review: Kelly Sue DeConnick's Sif #1

Static Makes The Cut

Black Batman Part Of DC's Relaunch

Not to be an apologist for Jeph, but I was actually born in Northampton MA,

RavenHammer Comics and The Harlem Shadow

Wait, correction to my complaint w/r/t X-Men.

Why there were no black people in the future...according to DC

x-men first class

You Left Out the Part About ...

Lies my teacher told me

Genocide and bubblegum – X-Men: First Class review

So saw X men First Class


While I agree that movie did a pretty crap job with Darwin

Cause you have a valid argument that I agree with about how the movie treats and portrays certain characters

Well then.

Is 'X-Men: First Class' the Love Story of Professor X and Magneto?

Table For Two: Arturo and Andrea catch up on X-Men: First Class

Quote of the day #2 | ‘The quintessential mutants of America were black’

X-MEN: FIRST CLASS, race and gender

X-Men: First Class Screenwriter Confirms LGBT Subtext as Totally Intentional


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