Tuesday, January 15, 2008

January 15th 2008, Volume III: Some of the Miscellaneous Links

Untitled (Shannon)

female manga readers (Shannon)

New Li'l Mell and Smithson! (New Li'l Mell and Smithson!)

Because Comics For Girls Are 'Special' (John Jakala)

Unsatisfying article about women in writing (Avi Green)

Scences From A Bibliophile's Life (Avalon's Willow)

Pulp Porn (Noah Berlatsky)

Next: The Cinematic Buildingsroman of Dirty Debutantes (Fengi - lies, damn lies and statistics)

New Comics Day (LurkerWithout)

Buffy Season 8: No Future For You (Purtek)

On the female characters I dig (Cheerleader for Team Dandy)

Life After Simone (Shan't ever act her age.)

Dawnstar returns (Rob Schmidt)

Occasional Links: The Feminist Agenda Edition (Occasional Supheroine)

Don, tell him what he's won! (Don, tell him what he's won!)

A Review: Rogue Angel #1 (Kalinara)

Yet Another Awesome Woman That Captain America Used to Know (Samantha)

See Through Dress (Cullen Waters)

Dave Sim's Glamourpuss (TheBitterGuy)

Dave Sim - The Song, Not The Singer (Andrew Hickey)

Look Lois, Clark—I don't want to tell you guys how to raise your kid... (Caleb)

Molly And Mindy: An Interview With Mindy Owens. (Karen Healey)

The Batgirl Review Series Pt. 2: "Batgirl" 40! (Joel Bryan)

3007: A Look Back (Part 2 of 3) (Matthew E.)

Let's Hope They're Fake... (Reb)

Semester Project: Women in Popular Culture Scrapbook (mykaleido)

Ugh, Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy... (LurkerWithout)


Rob said...

Thanks for linking to my post on Dawnstar. Check out the comments also for some interesting thoughts on race and gender.

Lis Riba said...

Not sure if it counts, but I blogged about Shirtless Superheroes as an antidote to all the cheesecake art...