Saturday, January 19, 2008

January 18th, 2008

[Interview] Hot Mamas In The Big(time) City: Jennifer Estep (Karen Healey)

The important thing to remember. (Lisa Fortuner)

Top Superheroines of 2007 (Metamorphostuff)

The Week In Ink: January 16, 2008 (Chris Sims)

Double Articulation Digest #5 (Jim Roeg)

Friday Night Fights: Romance & Misogyny Edition (Dorian Wright)

"Strong, female characters" (Donna Troy)

This Panel Disturbs Me (Typolad)

Bullet Points (Don MacPherson)

Occasional Superheroine Videocast: Amazing Spider-Man #547 & Robin #170 (Occasional Superheroine)

...and the power you possess. (Michael May)

The First ever UN-manly Comics awards! (Rational Madman)

DC's HIstory of Gender-bending (Scans Daily)

Quick Note... (TonPo)

Spider-Man's Marriage Annulment: The Headlines (Rick Marshall)

Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #29 (Part 2): THE IRRESISTABLE LOIS LANE (Joanna Sandsmark)

Nana: Ah, the itch has been soothed. Also: Holy crap! (Matthew Brady)

Spider-man and MJ No More (PixelFish)

PROPAGANDA Reviews: Ultimates Volume 3 issue 1. To summarise - it's awful. (Richard Bruton)

"Holy Hot Flash, Batman!" ...whaaaat? (Donna Troy)

Ororo Or ...? (Scott (The Mad Thinker))

The MadMan's massively manly, cavalcade of comics commentary! (issue #1) (Rational MadMan)

Falling Behind Again (Shelly)

That's no bat-arang in my pants... (William George) (NSFW)

Comic Strips Tell the Stories of Sex Workers (Rick Marshall)

Jan. 18, 2008: If you love me, kill your dog (Dirk Deppey)

Untitled (Samric)

Yaoi Solicit of the Month! (Laura Hudson)

Feminist SF Carnival - 20! (Podblack Cat)

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