Thursday, January 17, 2008

January 17th, 2008

One More Day
Oh no! Is it splitsville for Spider-Man and MJ? (Associated Press)

We cannot escape Spider-Man (The Beat)

AP Wire delivers the worst OMD coverage of all (Avi Green)

Wonder Woman
Mid-Week Musings #1 (Sarah Connor Chronicles, That "Wonder Woman Thing," etc.) (Amy Reads)

Sigh. (Ororo)

Mike's New Comics Day Lunchtime Update 3009. (Mike Sterling)

Yes, it's happened again... colour me unsurprised (There's a "Mel" in there)

Six Things (Caleb)

Ask Golden Age Wonder Woman (Brian Hughes)

Are You "Those People"? Is Greg Rucka? Is Anyone? (Scott (The Mad Thinker))

Are You One of Those People?: The Poll. (Scott (The Mad Thinker))

Wonder Woman is looking good, Feminists are looking crazy, and Greg Rucka needs to grow a pair. (Rational MadMan) (NSFW)

Madman Approved calenders! (Rational MadMan) (NSFW)

Heroes as Celebrities. My two cents on the Wonder Woman thing. (Adalisa)

Guest Post: They Call Me Wonderful So I'll Be Wonderful If You Insist* (Anna Overseas)

Good thing I never applied for that girl-wonder membership (Dead Relena)

Fashionable late (merely psychosomatic)

I'll let you tell me sex is a legitimate power when you admire me for sleeping my way to the top. (the Azure Cascade)

My thoughts on the Playboy Thing. (Kalinara)

"For weeks, Contes did not want to look at a scrapbook or talk to another scrapbooker." (The Hipster Dad) (NSFW)

Response to Wonder Woman vs. Playboy Debacle, Part the First (Kali)

I am catching up in my comics reading. (Arrowette)

The Awesome List: Ben Franklin Day, Mummy comics, Wonder Woman coasters and logos, and Fat Zatanna (Michael May)

Hungry for Beefcake? (Lis Riba)

Pink » Y: Because It’s Awesome - Cycles (Pink Raygun)

He Also Says Nice Things About New Zealand! (Karen Healey)

The Line I Thought I Would Never See (Heidi Meely)

Occasional Links: The What Would Robin Do? Edition (Occasional Superheroine)

She's Just Not That Into You (Dorian Wright)

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