Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Advance Review: Glamourpuss #1 (Adam)

Besson to Bring Aventures to the Screen (David Morgan)

Breaking the "Girl" Rule (Heidi Meeley)

Click Here to Find Me (darknessatnoon)

"Hentai" - Sexually Explicit Manga [Japanese Comics] (Left Turn) -- VERY NSFW!!!

I Know It Can't Be Easy, But Still (CalvinPitt)

I Lack Words (CalvinPitt)

Marjane Satrapi (Steven Williams)

Mexican Spider-Man's Super Sexy Bikini Adventures!! (Brian Hughes)

Rucka & Comicsfest (Ralph Mathieu)

Snippets (Tom Foss)


The Retcon the Feminists Missed (Swinebread)

Well, At Least He Didn't Delete Everything Before I Could Copy It (Anon, A Mouse)

Women and Sexism in American and Japanese Comics (Rachel the Great)


Marionette said...

Re: Flutterby's "What's with all the feminist posts lately". Why are you linking to a copy of one of Ragnell's old posts?

I can't see why anyone else would want to start a blog to reprint Ragnell posts uncredited, but even if they did, I find it odd that you'd link to them, rather than perhaps telling them to stop doing it.

Either that or it's a test and you wanted to see if anyone would notice in which case I win. Hah.

Ragnell said...

Mari -- Naw, that was a mistake. Thanks for pointing it out. I removed the link to the plagiarized blog.