Wednesday, January 02, 2008

January 1st, 2008

Here's the rest of the leftovers from 2007 and the first posts os 2008. --R.

Comic Makeovers: Examining Race, Class, Ethnicity, and Gender in the Media

Bada-Bing Barda Doom (Jeff)

Jezebel Jet... (Cheryl Lynn)

MW: Stands for Major Wacko, I guess (Matthew Brady)

A different sort of a Love letter to Zealot. (Kadymae)

"Infinite Crisis" audiobook (McBangle)

Spend the holidays in Iran (The Xenos)

Weirdness. (Kalinara)

Torchbearers launches (The Beat)

Torchbearers: Martha Washington (Cheryl Lynn)

Torchbearers: Martha Washington (2) (Cheryl Lynn)

Giant-Sized Avengers Vol II #1 (Glenn Walker)

DC Fatties: The Fattest Girl in Metropolis! (Brian Hughes)

off-topic: 2007 Top 10 (Rich Watson)

The Best of 2007 (Rachelle Goguen)

COMICS RAMBLE Back From Injury (James Ashelford)

Week of December 19, 2007 Super Short Reviews :o (Ami Angelwings)

Well, it's a new year... (sinyaa)

Because No One Demanded It: The Batman's Christmas List Post-Mortem (Caleb)

Weird Comic Notion... (Kalinara)

Happy New End of Civilization! (Mike Sterling)

Ewww, they're having sex. (FBOFW) (Jennifer the Chaos Queen)

FBorFW lame lameness (McBangle)

A percussive West Side Story, and the Great Junk Debate of 2007 (Kali921)

Yes this is about Jimmy so you should just skim ahead (LurkerWithout)

The Dave Sim Fan Club (LurkerWithout)


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