Tuesday, January 15, 2008

January 15th, 2008, Volume II: The Wonder Woman Edition

Logo Study: WONDER WOMAN part 1 (Todd Klein)

No, It Really Is That Simple. (Rachel Edidin)

Either You Get It Or You Don't... (Greg Rucka)

Suffering Sappho! Wonder Woman appears on Playboy cover! (Bob Mitchell) (NSFW)

Remember that Wonder Woman Playboy cover? (Dan)

Two more points on that WW cover. (Ragnell)

Wondering (Brainfreeze)

Playboy Wonder Woman Cover: What it Says Inside! (Heidi Meeley)

Offered without comment … (Greg Burgas) (NSFW)

A response to a response! (Cheryl Lynn)

Ew ew ew! (McBangle)

Untitled (mordicai magog, bestiam caeli)

Ahem. (Kotetsu)

Language, violence, Wonder Woman (Saranga)

Blogaround for Ellie (Elayne Riggs)

Ragnell, Tiffany, Lynda, Bobby Joe, the Outlaw & Me (Scott (The Mad Thinker))

Wonder Woman in Playboy (BrokenPorcelainDoll)

Yes....and No (Mickle)


IFL Battleground: In the Ring with Tiffany Fallon (Eric Goldman)

Wonder Woman: Porn Star, Feminist Icon, Erotic Goddesss, or All of the Above? (Jennifer K. Stuller) (NSFW)

Just a quick note... (Heidi Meeley)

Wonder Woman Wasn't The First Time Playboy Did This... (Occasional Superheroine) (NSFW)

Playboy Wonder Woman Tiffany Fallon's Scarlet Letter (Occasional Superheroine)

The Painted Wonder… (Thom Wade)

Untitled (Johnny Bacardi)


Good job, Playboy (Meljean Brook)

Honestly, I Just Got Tired of Looking At Mitt Romney's Smarmy Mug (Rob Staeger) (NSFW)

the superwoman or the men's dream pornstar (Chloe)

Well if There's Not Going to be a Joss Whedon Wonder Woman Movie... (Cunningham) (NSFW)

You may start your interrogation (Dirk Deppey) (NSFW)

Feminists outraged for Playboy's Wonder Woman (A bunch of video gamers)


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