Monday, April 07, 2008

April 7th, 2008

The "Fun Home" flap (damn straight I'd do it again)

my take on Empowered (phillippos)

SAAM 2008 (Rachel Edidin)

This just lends further credence to my comics=porn theory. (Rebellious Jezebel)

Rapid fire blogging! (Cheryl Lynn)
Discussion: Beauty and the Superheroine (Part 2)

The Fastest Men Again (Madeley)

So What About the Men? Some Thoughts on Body Image and Gender (Kalinara)

Amy Reads the Week (of April 6th, 2008) (Amy Reads)

nto the Eisenshpritz (Elif Batuman)

The Oppression Olympics (Elayne Riggs)

Apparently, Grant Morrison forgets that fangirls do, in fact, exist. (Kali)
Fangirl Squee Vociferation ASJDK;ADLFJSK; ASJDK;

Hey, Bitch! Stop Making Feminists Look Stupid! (Mad Thinker Scott)
Black + Magic = Voodoo?

Just Past the Problem: Say again? (Lisa Fortuner)
This is important.

That Is Not the Doom You're Used To (Greg at Howling Curmedgeons)

Dr. Doom...Only Not So Much (Kevin Huxford)

Vic Von Doom ain't nothin to f**k with (Laura Hudson)

Apparent Parody
Troubled Rant #14: The Fruit/Veg Binary (Ariel Silvera)

Rose Wilson Is A Penis (Ragtime)

Gender roles continue (Isabelle Ashton)


Ragtime said...

Thank you for the Benefit-of-the-Doubt with "apparent" parody!

For those with lingering concerns, I do not actually believe that Rose Wilson is a penis.

R.E. Silvera said...

I second the benefit of the doubt, because if I was actually serious in that post, I would be a basket case.

As it stands, I am merely slightly off. And that works just fine for me.