Sunday, April 20, 2008

April 19th, 2008

Manga Review: Red River, Vol. 2 (Chloe Ferguson)

Wallflower Vol. #09 (Robert Harris)

Welcome to the Host Club - RIGHT TURN ONLY!! - Anime News Network (Carlos Santos)

Hotel Africa Vol 1 by Hee Jung Park Manhwa Review (Julie in Drama)

Stereotyping girls through manga Part 1 (elezend)

Karakuri Odette Manga, Volume 4 (Erica Friedman)

S.A. (Special A) Mini Review (manga/anime) (Lianna)

Secret Wars on Infinite Earths: The Comic Book Fight Club (Mike Haseloff)

Starian Chambers - Manga Review: Tenshi Ja Nai  (Kat, the one and only Starian Princess)

You know what I could use less of? (Mallet)

With a name like Brave & The Bold i’d hoped we’d get a faithful cartoon for the geek crowd, but thats just insane. (Ted Grant)

So. Uh. Red Sonja. (Kalinara)

Eeek. (Samantha)

WTF Wednesday: Well, someone's having a meltdown (Maxo)

Recent Work (Seb Patrick)

Things I learned from my first few hours at NY Comic Con (Evie)


Maybe This Doesn't Mean Anything. (Anon, a Mouse)


Cassandra's Lovell's sketch blog: behind the times, that NYCC panel description (Cassandra Lovell)

The Real Power Of The DC Universe (Occasional Superheroine)

Writers and She-Hulk's sexuality (Schmevil)

Meet Me in the Middle East (Don MacPherson)

Quick Critiques - April 16, 2008  (Don MacPherson)

Dear fanboys: have a dose of the male gaze shoved back in your faces. (Kali921)

That's what I've been trying to tell you! (Thomas)

The Penis Dialogues, part 1 (phillippos42)

Variations on a Theme (Melissa Krause)

Cool Women of the DCU Poster (Johanna Draper Carlson)

The Real Power Of The DC Universe (Loren Javier)

I want this poster. (Ragnell)

Not exactly Separated at Birth (Ragnell)

Trivial Matters (Lisa Fortuner)

It’s Just A Comic Book…Or Is It? (Loren Javier)

And So…I freakin’ return…to talk about Wonder Woman and Power Girl (Loren Javier)

(Thanks again Tangognat for the Manga links!)

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