Monday, April 28, 2008

April 27th, 2008

Stereotyping girls through manga Part 2 (elezand)

Honey and Clover Volume 1 (Lori Henderson)

My Dearest Devil Pricess Vol. #02. (John Zakrzewski)

My Dearest Devil Princess 2 (John Thomas)

Night of the Beasts Vol. #06 (Danielle Van Gorder)

What I Need (from Manga and Other Fiction) (Chomiji)

Boys Be 15 (Connie)
--Thanks to Tangognat for the above links. --R

A couple of comics I actually enjoyed! (Samantha)

Comic Roundup (Samantha)

Subliminal sexy talk (Thomas)

Comics' Lack Of Progressiveness (Kleefeld)

On nastiness in comics (Phillipos)

Honour and Reputation (Karen Healey)

Shonen Jump Special Feature: Spot The Subtext! (John Jakala)

SCHWAPP!!!: NYCC SCHWAPP!!! How Fanboys See Jenna Jameson (Kevin Huxford)

“Women of DC” Promo Poster (WendySkeleton)

Fangirl Fridays (Occasional Superheroine)

A Kinder, Gentler Supergirl (Occasional Superheroine)

Someone Is Wrong ( This Black Woman's Not Awed Remix) (Avalon's Willow)

New York Comic-Con: View from Friends of Lulu (The Beat)

I Read the Internets - 4/26/08 | the Hathor Legacy (Revena)

Something About Mary (SallyP)

short list of want (robynjade13)

Attraction is Not a Choice, Even if Objectification Is (Brett)

Women in Fandom: Dinah Lance (A contagious state of being)

This is the very defintion of "hilarity ensues" XDDDD (Ami Angelwings)

DC Announces Power Girl Ongoing Series (Mike Haynes)

End Apartheid Now (Avalon's Willow)

The following are all about the same book, and there is a great deal of non-comics related backstory to them. Willow's would be in this group, but hers is more geared towards the comic community so I place it above. --R.

Seal Press, Amanda Marcotte…Proof That Feminism And Racism Go Hand In Hand (Karnythia)

Update (Dear White Feminists)

What the...? (Cheryl Lynn)

The Message Being Sent (Off Our Pedestals)

I Guess It’s a Jungle in Here Too, Huh? (Holly)

from blackamazon…

Rosemary for Remembrance - OH NO AMANDA MARCOTTE (Jonquil Serpyllum)

In which our heroine hopes no-one ever fµcks Seal Press again (Spiralsheep)

So I have a million things to talk about ... (quietprofanity)

Burning Questions (Sudy)

More on Marcotte & Seal Press (Micole)

On Those Pictures and On Privilege (Jill)

I’m sorry. (Amanda Marcotte)

This is not a political blog (Kalinara)

A Public Apology (Seal PRess)

Why Seal Press is Off the Syllabus pt. 2 (WOC PhD)

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