Thursday, April 10, 2008

April 10th, 2008

Aria Vol. #01 (Danielle Van Gorder)

Manga Review: After School Nightmare, Vol. 6 (Chloe Ferguson)

Lesbian Manga: KOOLS (Erica Friedman)

Bride of the Water God (skullduggery)

Kistler's Thoughts On Women In Marvel (Alan Kistler)

I know Batman and Robin aren't gay, but... (Caleb)

Weekly Haul: April 2nd (Caleb)

Here are some links: (Caleb)

Does this sash make my butt look big? (Brainfreeze)

Body Image (Siskoid)

Reason No. 3,294 Why I Quit Reading Comics (an east end girl)

Haruka: Beyond the Stream of Time Volume (Dan Polley)

Crimson Hero Vol 4 by Mitsuba Takanashi Manga Review (Julie)

Kaze Hikaru Volume (Lori Henderson)

A black mark on comics fandom (Dick Hyacinth)

It's Not About The Sexism. It's Not Even About The Dialogue. It's About Truth in Advertising. ("Starman" Matt Morrison)

Fredric Wertham: Awful or Awesome? (Occasional Superheroine)

Friends of Lulu Announcement Tomorrow (Occasional Superheroine)

Titans #1 Reviewed At Newsarama (Kevin Huxford

Josh Middleton's Great Vixen Cover (Kevin Huxford)

The Japanese have a word for it, which I'm not going to use. (Katherine)

Nana: I'm like a teenage fangirl for this series (Matthew Brady)

Even if that were a Skrull, it still wouldn't be in character (Avi Green)

Geek Girls Rule! #45 - 9 Chickweed Lane (Geek Girls Rule)

Offered Without Comment (Laura Hudson)

More misogyny vs. laziness FITE! (Laura Hudson)

Show some pride, girl! (Sleestak)

Strawberry 100% Vol. #03 (Robert Harris)

Some flowers bloom only in the imaginary (dragonlilly33)

With thanks to Tangognat for a large percentage of these the Manga links, and I appreciate those of you who are sending in your own links! -- R

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