Friday, May 12, 2006

May 12

Diana Explains it All

In the Neighborhood

Lords of Avalon Coming This Fall

What Annalisa Wants

Welcome, and Frank Miller is an Asshat (Old)

And, finally, someone was nice enough to create a syndicated livejournal feed for When Fangirls Attack, in case it helps anybody.

Monday, May 08, 2006


attention everyone! (and the world will feel the fire and finally know)

Lost Girls

Comics 4

Comic Book Sweethearts

In which Mary re-reads War Games so you don't have to

Boobs, Boobs, Boobs

At Big Monkey Comics: What do YOU Want from Batwoman

Early May Eighth

One Fan's Opinion, Cinco De May (5/6) (Larsen's feedback to the feedback)

Power Girl: You Be the Judge!

Show #26 - May 6
04:20 -- Taki Soma, Retribution
06:20 -- Totally Appropriate Covers
33:39 -- Female Costumes in Superman: Secret Identity
41:58 -- Erik Larsen

Comic Makers Crossover!
09:25 -- Female Characters in Love and Rockets
14:30 -- Rape in Love and Rockets
16:30? -- Licha

Sunday, May 07, 2006

May Seventh

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Bam! Pow! Comics Aren't Just For *Boys* Anymore!

In Which Dorian is Cynical (What A Surprise...)

You Know...

Two Women Discuss Food and Fashion

Fangirl Rampage #9—Jann Jones

"Mid-Ohiogate" -- Yeah We Lost Our "Rosa Parks" Moment But I'm Over It


Comic Makers Episode #14
3:58 -- "Lene does no speak for the entire Female Population"
7:35 -- Alienating Female Readers
-- 10:10 -- Naked Characters
-- 12:30 -- Rape
-- 15:30 -- Wonder Woman origin, Silver Age Marvel Women
-- 16:34 -- Legion of SuperHeroes Women
-- 17:15 -- Taki Soma
-- 21:25 -- Being expected to represent your entire demographic
-- 24:30 -- Women Creators under Scrutiny, Devin Grayson
-- 25:25 -- Christina Z, Women Creators' Appearances
44:45 -- Comics that may as well be Porn
47:35 -- Swayback Effect

A Superhero Sampler:

Random Thoughts

So How the Hell Did *I* Become A Jade-Defender?!

Phantom Lady Breastrospective

Blasts from the Past:

OMW: Golden Girl
OMW: Witch-Woman
OMW: Val de La Fontaine
OMW: Miss Locke
OMW: Isis
Sex in the Original Marvel Universe
OMU: Scarlet Witch -- Part One
OMU: Scarlet Witch -- Part Two
OMU: Scarlet Witch -- Part Three