Monday, May 08, 2006

Early May Eighth

One Fan's Opinion, Cinco De May (5/6) (Larsen's feedback to the feedback)

Power Girl: You Be the Judge!

Show #26 - May 6
04:20 -- Taki Soma, Retribution
06:20 -- Totally Appropriate Covers
33:39 -- Female Costumes in Superman: Secret Identity
41:58 -- Erik Larsen

Comic Makers Crossover!
09:25 -- Female Characters in Love and Rockets
14:30 -- Rape in Love and Rockets
16:30? -- Licha


Cole Moore Odell said...

I fail to understand Larsen's non-argument. Because Phantom Lady was created in the 1940s as a conversation between male creators and male readers, that's how the character must be used today? Modern creators who write/draw her without any regard for 60 years of social evolution have a get-out-of-sexism-free card because they're just using a sexist character as she was intended to be used? I'd like to see somebody try that argument on a new Ebony, Blubber and Steamboat Team-Up comic.

Calling for diversity of body types in comics is admirable, but it is a non-sequitor with the bulk of Larsen's column. It has nothing to do with his whole Power Girl/Catwoman/Phantom Lady apologia, and is undercut by his disingenuous sneering at the supposed hordes of censorious internet harpies trying to cut off his artistic balls because their self-images are threatened by drawings of pnuematic chickies.

I don't want to beat up on Erik too much--this column is like most of his writing for CBR, in that it seems tossed off. He thinks these things, but not terribly deeply.

tekanji said...

I must confess that the first thread was a bit of a "tl;dr" to me. I may go back and give it a good look-over when I get home (I need to leave for school, like, now). However, I am both amused and horribly saddened by the poster who describes Ragnell as a "fellow" when he attacks her. Although I suppose Assumption: Male is not a surprising state for someone who supports sexism.