Tuesday, May 23, 2006

May 22nd

Comics and Raped Men

Ask Your Local Girl!

Regarding Anne Cleveland...

A Character that Annoyed the Hell Out of Me

Heidi Mac's WOMEN OF COMICS Keynote Speech (This link is a bit funky)

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Tuesday Sexism

Sexism in Superhero Comics

The Next Scummy Comic Publisher

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Women and Comics


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The Dane said...

The funny thing is that I have no idea why nobody remember that the Incredible Hulk was raped by a woman while in his bigGreenStrongSmart manifestation. The (debatably) most powerful mortal in the Marvel Universe gets raped by a woman and is entirely conscious and cognizant through the entire episode and no one remembers.

I think Hulk's reaction is fascinating as well. He is clearly in agony (psochological) and clearly finds the episode tortuous (perhaps brought on by how strong and smart he should be with how helplessly he becomes a simple victim). Yet, rarely does he in future episodes key on that specific event in future issues. Instead, he anger and fear is directed at the true instigator of the rape (and insomuch, the true rapist), Maestro. And his passionate anger/fear is not even so much directed at Maestro for that particular act of humiliation, but at the realization that (since Maestro is really just himself in the future) he would ever become such a person who would instigate something so callous.

Anyway, I think it's an interesting treatment by Peter David and George Perez and is too often overlooked in these discussions.