Wednesday, May 24, 2006

May 23rd

Character Concept- Shadowcat (NOT SAFE FOR WORK) (I'm serious here)

Character Concept- Sparks Will Fly (Not Safe for Work)

DC in trademark tussle with real life superheroine

She Draws Comics

Supergirl Action Figure

Because Sometimes Its so Easy You Don't Even Have to Work at It

Item for the day - perspective


The Last Story of Katma Tui (Large Images)



Nate A. said...

What's with the character concepts? Is tongue in cheek? The juxtapositioning of porn stills and tortured 90's anatomy makes an argument all on its own. WTF?

jeff said...

I'm with nate. I don't get it.

Dan Coyle said...

I think it's legit. I once saw a "fanfic" that was just photos of nude artistic models with character names and descriptions under them. It was so weird.

kalinara said...

You got me. Honestly, we don't have to get it to link it, should it be applicable and/or topical.

Anonymous said...

Oh, why did I have to learn the hard way to just trust you from now on, when you say that something isn't work-safe...

kalinara said...

Sorry about that. I know how that can be, the warning is there, but you think, "Nah, can't be that bad" to your detriment. :-) My sympathies.

Dorian said...

Re: the Character Concepts

Of course one of them was of Kitty Pryde. Why am I even the least bit surprised by that?