Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday, May 22nd

Ableism and Comics

The Facts In The Case Of Dr. Andrew Wakefield

Must read cartoon by Darryl Cunningham about MMR and Dr Wakefield ...

Girl Comics

Colleen Coover Talks 'Girl Comics,' Superhero Anatomy & Hating Purple [Interview]

Review: Girl Comics #2

LGBT Issues in Comics

Your First Look at Ron Zimmerman and Howard Chaykin's 'The Rawhide Kid' #1 [Exclusive]

Gay Previews 7/2010

The Brothers Brown


Your Manga Minute: Say It Ain’t So — Please!

DC Closes CMX Manga Imprint

DC Discontinues CMX Manga Imprint

CMX Shutdown Reactions

CMX reactions

Roundtable: Reaction to the CMX Shutdown

Comics Blogosphere Rants, Rages Against End of CMX Manga


The first volumes of a couple of manga series, both of which star characters named Alice

Ratman Book 1


Attack of the super-atheists!

Not Strictly Comics

Everybody Draw Mohammed Day

J. Scott Campbell Draws Naughty Disney Princesses

Bert Stabler: Girl Germs

Platinum and Sexism Against Robots!

Doc Magnus’s True Motives

In This Issue! Platinum Dies!

In This Issue! Platinum Lives!

To the Moon, Tina!

POC's in Comics

Tintin and the Racist Dream

Atlas #1: “My three-dimensional fade is clean cut”

Cartoon: Natives are best strippers

Heroic Age: Prince of Power with Amadeus Cho

Racism, Brightest Day, Asian Americans and Ryan Choi

Too many words on the weirdness of the All-New Atom’s weird, weird death

John Buys Comics - Ill-Advised Edition

All I have to say about “Brightest Day”

DC Comics vs Asian Americans

Nostalgia: Not Always So Great, Actually!

DC Comics Kills Off Ryan Choi

When life gives you dead Atoms... make dead Atom-ade!

Women and Gender in Comics

Woman’s Eye View: Comics Week 05/19/10

August 2010 DC Cover Solicits In Three Sentences Or Less…

Batgirl #10 Play-by-Play

Super Mega Batgirl review the tenth- Also BoP and everything else

What I bought - 19 May 2010

The Greatest Rogue Stories Ever Told!

The Greatest Supergirl Stories Ever Told!

Wolverine Is Tired of You Eating His Goddamn Eggs Without Asking [Comic]

August 2010 Marvel Cover Solicits In Three Sentences Or Less…

DoubleDCoverage #59

The Sentry's stupid anyway.

What girls like

Friday Night Fights: Minimum Clonage - Round 5: Crack The Whip, Part Deux!

Supergirl 75th Anniversary Variant Cover?


Huntress and her Costume

feminism and Y: The Last Man

To Save A Spider! The fall of Mayday Parker.

I Gotcher Back

Girls Like Comics That Are Good | Geekosystem

Women and Comics Editorials, Part Eleventy Billion

Female Force Comics

Representations of Women in Comics

Brave and the Bold #33 -- or why I'm startng to hate comics

The Essential Wonder Woman Encyclopedia

Feminism Smash!!!

The Supergirls: Fashion, Feminism, Fantasy, and the History of Comic Book Heriones

We Don't Need Feminism Because We're Equal Now, part 1 of Infinity ...

Multiversity Comics: Review: Riot Shell #0


Super-Witch Profile: Zatanna Zatara, Mistress of Magic

Zatanna's Magical Mystery Date: 7 Potential Love Interests

The Week In Ink: May 19, 2010

Hot Ink Review - Zatanna #1

Prowling The Savannah: New Beginnings - Zatanna #1

'Xplosion of Awesome: Zatanna #1

Review: Zatanna #1 « read/RANT

Review: Zatanna #1 - Comic Book Resources

Zatanna #1 review

Zatanna #1

1 comment:

Sarah Worman said...

I discovered this blog via the "I read comics" podcast, and it is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Here are some of my thoughts about what is up this week:

My God, someone actually asked women what they like? That's crazy talk.

Did no one at DC say to Geoff Johns, "Ya know, this looks kinda racist, right?" I could understand if you replaced one or two legacy characters with an older version who happened to be white, but when you run around the DC universe killing every minority character to replace them with the white guy, you have issues.