Tuesday, May 04, 2010

May 4th

Disability in Comics:

BADD 2010

Hope Larsen/A Wrinkle in Time:

A Wrinkle in Time: the Graphic Novel


LGBTQ in Comics:
Hey, Arch, leave your comic book alone

A Queer Character on the Justice League


'NAZI ARIZONA': N.J. artist stands behind immigration cartoon criticized by ADL

The 5 Most Unintentionally Offensive Comic Book Characters

Not Strictly Comics:

Can You Update Pulp Science Fiction Without Being F-ed Up?

(Belated) BADD: Fictional Heroes with Disabilities

POCs and Race in Comics:

In which I give some thoughts on Fallen Angel vol1 (DC run)

EXPO Exclusive Interview with Reginald Hudlin

Gene Luen Yang: Teacher, dad, graphic novelist

Which Marvel Character Does Daniel Dae Kim Want To Play?


Tintin's adventures in Congo goes on trial in Belgium

Tintin: Heroic Boy Reporter or Sinister Racist?

Women and Gender in Comics:

Girl Power: Willow Dawson on No Girls Allowed

Everything I Need to Know About Joan of Arc I Learned from Classics Illustrated

Comics by Women, Comics for Girls: Trina Robbins and Mike Madrid talk about the history of women and comics

Geek to Chic: The Evolving Mainstream

She Has No Head! - DV8: The Future Of Comics Is Also The Past?

What Inspired Brad Meltzer's Superpowered Sex In Buffy Season 8?

Kate Beaton’s MacBeth

Twin Spica, Vol. 1

The life and lines of Allie Brosh: Hyperbole and a Half

May: Batgirl, by Bryan Q. Miller, Lee Garbett, and Trevor Scott

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: The Graphic Novel

Overthinking Things

Likely Changes

Do the Sirens Call to Female Readers?

Female Gender Identity in Japanese Girl’s Comics

Women's Comics Anthology

Ow, my brain!; or, the absolute failure of The Brave and the Bold #33

Reflections on Batgirl

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