Monday, May 17, 2010

May 17th Superheroes and Racism Edition

[My Apologies for not categorizing these further, but the overlapping topics here are: Superhero Comics and Racism, Regressive Storytelling, "Minorities and Matchboxes", Ryan Choi, Legacies and Characters of Colour. Note this post has been edited to have new links foldes into it]

The Racial Politics of Regressive Storytelling

Brightest Day and Racism


Why Does This Insanely Racist Thing Happen in Spider-Man: Fever?

Much ado about regression

Race and superheroes: touching fanboy politics' third rail

Avenging the Week, Pt. 4 - Rookie Season

Race and the Legacy Character

The Exit Interview: When Disgruntled Creators Speak Their Mind

Titans: Villains for Hire #1

Tribute for *fairly recent spoiler*

So Ryan Choi Was Killed Off This Week In a Titans Comic

That’s mighty white of ya

Wallace Responds to Hero's Death in "Titans: Villains for Hire"

Comic Rant: A Letter To Dan Didio

This Month in Asian Americans in Comics

It IS Pretty Funny How That Sims' "Racial Regression" Thing Worked Out...

Race + Comic-Book Notes, Part 1: Comics Alliance Speaks Up

How Marvel and DC Pissed Off Comic Fans Yesterday

In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night

Ol' Blue-Eyes Is Back: Race And The Return Of The Retro Superhero

In Case You'd Not Noticed

The New Apartheid Of DC Comics? by Ryan Mullenix

Shark Biters

Counterweight: It's What's Missing That Matters

Diminishing Returns

Hey, wait a minute, this day isn't all that bright at all!

Can someone look up 'New' in the dictionary? Or, you know, 'Apartheid'?

Stop with the Racism finger pointing.

Geoff Johns, you blockhead!

What I liked and what I hated in DC Comics this week

Non-white people in refrigerators?

DC’s Legacy Heroes: Who’s Regressing Next?

r.i.p. ryan choi, aka the atom

R.I.P. Ryan Choi (The All New Atom)

UPDATE: review/RANT: Titans: Villians For Hire Special


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