Friday, May 07, 2010

May 7th

Archie Comics:


Archie Comics Debuts a Recurring Gay Character

Brightest Day/Aquaman/Geoff Johns:

I got five on it.

'Brightest Day' gives bloom to Geoff Johns' racism


The Kick-Ass Movie is Not Feminist (and Neither is Hit-Girl)

So, you’ve seen the movie Kick-Ass…

LGBTQ in Comics:

A gay old time in comic book history

Not Strictly Comics:

Disability in Speculative Fiction: Monsters, mutants and muggles

Presenting a Feminist Ideal - Star Wars

Race and Regressive Storytelling:

The Racial Politics of Regressive Storytelling

Unintentional whitewashing in comics

Racial Politics in Comics

Women and Gender in Comics:

The Guild #2


CR Review: Pride And Prejudice And Zombies

Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2010: Faith Erin Hicks

Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2010: Rachel Dukes

Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2010: Diana Tamblyn

Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2010: Lesley Fairfield

YOUR MANGA MINUTE: “Caught in a Bad Romance”

The Occasional Superheroine Blog Is Closed

TrackLog 46 – Girl Comics

Girl, You’ll Be a Creature Soon

My Girlfriend’s a Geek, Vol. 1

*Rapunzel’s Revenge — Recommended

Amy Reeder is your new SUPERGIRL cover artist

A Notice

xkcd’s revealing color survey

"I have a friend who writes pretty good comics..."

'Iron Man 2' And The 'Other Woman' Scenario

X-POSITION: Louise Simonson

Political Superheroes? The Bio Comics of Capital Hill

Bakuman Chapter Two: "Dumb and Smart"

Kapow! Batwoman gets her own series

Wonder Woman:

Hey, That's My Cape!: Ever wonder about Wonder Woman?

Wonder Woman: Amazon. Icon. Hero.

The Big Beautiful Wonder Woman Blog Showcases a Plus Sized Amazonian Princess

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