Sunday, May 31, 2009

A short post- Sunday, May 31

Get us out from under, Wonder Woman…

The Lasso of Truth

Make a liar tell the truuuuth…

Wonder Woman for president

Megan Fox: ‘Wonder Woman is a lame superhero’

Megan Fox is NOT Wonder Woman

What’s your scene, baby, we just gotta know! BATGIRL!

Interview about various post BotC comics, including Batgirl

Is she a chick from outer space…or is she real, with her tender warm embrace? BATGIRL!

Trying to sort out my thoughts on Batgirl

Battle for the Cowl: Batgirl

Women of the Bat


*bangs head against wall*

Comic books…

Pioneering comics, disturbing gender attitudes

Marvel Comics isn’t adult only now, is it?


The Tarot Experience- Live!

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