Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday, May 15th


Jamal Igle Costume Redesign

Review: Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures of the 8th grade #6

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Word Balloon: Sterling Gates & Jamal Igle on Supergirl


Marvel Divas/ "Comic book sexism is Pink's fault, you Stupid Girl!"

Firestar concept art for Marvel Divas

Joe Quesada says: Ladies, give me your money and shut up

Joe, Joe, Joe, f*ckin’ Joe.

Wise Feminism

Way to blame the readers Joe, how noble of you.

Today’s trio of links!

Power Girl

Best Shots Extra: Power Girl #1

Power Girl #1

Maid of Might: Power Girl #1 (2009) Review

X-men Secret Origins: Wolverine

Wolverine’s Secret Origins: Really a chick flick?

Thoughts on Wolverine: Origins and other things

X men Origins: Wolverine

Dar Kush X Men Origins Wolverine


Comic Book Cheesecake: When Does Sexy get Sexist?

Gettin’ back on track with the comics

"Chloe You Ignorant Slut" or "Smallville Fan Meltdown"

Kickbutt women of the comics: Kit Colby, Girl Sheriff of Moon Bow

Are we so desensitized?

Panel Discussion of Three Selves: A Review of the latest LoEG book

Mark Waid's Wonder Woman

Bound to Blog: Wonder Woman #7

2 weeks worth of comics

Oracle: The Cure #3

Phantom Lady knew some DUMB Men

Tales From the Old Scout


belle-belle said...

I'm not sure what you're trying to say with that second-to-last category, there. Seems a bit judgmental for a linkblog.

Bookwormwithanattitude said...

Sorry, but it's our linkblog now. We can be as judgemental as we want. *shrugs* Ragnell and Kalinara made it clear we can do whatever we want. We've mostly kept faithful to what they set up, I don't consider one line of "Whhhhaaaa-" for a category to be pushing it, unless my partners in crime object.

My thought in putting that as a category was to make it clear this wasn't here because it was considered super important to fangirl info, but it was so utterly bizarre and hit so many sexist tropes I felt it had to be put there, just for curiosity. (Also since it involved the perception of women in comics, of course) And so people could be aware they were clicking on to something a little triggering/weird/nsfw.

I don't plan to do that kind of thing often, I've posted lot of articles I disagree with without going "HAI I SO DISAGREE WITH THIS GUYZ" and keeping my objections to my own blog. It's only when something is so utterly bizarre and out of what we ordinarily post I will put it in a category of "What IS this?"

And of course, my idea of bizarre is different than some people's, but I imagine people can deal with that.

Also, I like having fun with categories, as you can see from my Stupid Girl pun. I'm lame and goofy that way.

Oliver said...

After all that defending your decision to post it, you still took it down?

Bookwormwithanattitude said...

Someone else did. I have no idea. I emailed about it. If Maddy and Laura think it's inappropriate, that's their decision.

Maddy said...

My bad, guys, I took it down because I already linked to the article about Sam Keith in my May 7th post, not due to any judgement call on the appropriateness of the category Caitlin used. I didn't even notice the comments when I did so.

Mind you, I wouldn't have pulled it otherwise. Sometimes I'm a bit lazy and don't even *create* categories in my posts, and if Caitlin wants to get creative with her categories once in a while, that's a-okay with me.

Sorry for the confusion.

Bookwormwithanattitude said...

Oops! That's really my bad, guys, I should keep a sharper eye for links that have been posted. Just me being a space case!

belle-belle said...

I certainly never meant to imply that it wasn't your right to create whatever categories you see fit. I did always appreciate the relative neutrality with which the old regime presented most of its links, but you are of course free to reinvent this blog your own way. It seemed a change worth commenting on, however, and one would hope that you're open to reader feedback. I don't think I was particularly harsh.

Bookwormwithanattitude said...

I didn't mean to be harsh either. I was just explaining myself.