Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday, May 29th

Models and Divas

Marvel’s new female centered comics

Tim Gun makes Models Inc Work

Fighting Crime AND Fat

You’re a Wonder, Wonder Woman...

Wonder Woman: Bondage and Female Empowerment

The Many Faces of Barbara Minerva Part 6 (vs Catwoman)

Megan Fox Disses Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman #32- Review

Trade Talks: Wonder Woman: The Circle

Bound to Blog: Wonder Woman #9

That’s really super, Supergirl.

Micheal Turner’s Costume Designs

“Supergirl. Duh.”


Gluey Tart: The Dawn of Love


The Big Feminist BUT

The Color of Earth

Dwayne McDuffie fired from the JLA

#521, In Which a Heroine Scowls a Lot

Cherchez Les Violent Femmes

Your proof that is gets worse

Women in Comics

Drawing the Bat: JH Williams talks Batwoman

And now for something comic-ly different


Extra special daily post