Sunday, December 23, 2007

More Holiday Backlog

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This Just In: Tim Liebe Hates Sick, Hungry Children! (Mad Thinker Scott)
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Shōjo WW Watch: One Year Later (John Jakala)

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Will Pfeiffer screws up (Avi Green)

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1 dead girl, 10 links, innumberable angry fangirls (MK)
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Interesting Post in Elly's Coffee Talk (McBangle)
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One more submission to "Elly's Coffee Talk" (McBangle)


Tamora Pierce said...

Ragnell, Kalinara--

Mad Thinker Scott's THREE posts of shriek have nothing whatsoever to do with comics. Why are they here?

McBangle said...

Who's that crazy girl who's obsessed with "For Better or For Worse"? Oh, it's me :-$ I maybe got a little crazy with the Foobery these past few weeks.

kalinara said...

Thank you for your interest in WFA. After some discussion, Ragnell and I have determined that such posts are actually related to women in comics since they involve interaction between fans/creators which revolve around, if not directly address, the issue of women and comics.

Since a great deal of the animosity in question appears to have its roots in the online comic-feminist discussion, we felt they fit our qualifications. Thank you.

-Melissa Krause/Kalinara

Will "Filby" Staples said...

You realize Scott, RMM, and their ilk keep posting this crap because they know you'll hand an audience to them, right?

kalinara said...

Yes, Filby. But you know, sometimes I post things specifically related to women in comics in order to be linked too? Should I not link myself then?

Or is it just that I shouldn't link people who post things specifically related to our topic in order to be linked because I disagree with them?

Quite a few people post on the topic specifically to be linked, some even say so, but the only people who are complained as to having courted our specific audiences are the ones that most disagree with.

That says something, doesn't it?

We KNOW certain people are trolling for links. That comes with the territory, but we're not particularly inclined to weed out every post that we think may be deliberately trying to get linked on WFA.

Trolling is a fact of life on a linkblog like this. And unless we're willing to make a merit judgment on every post we link to see whether it's worthy beyond being about the topic (and to better clarify why we linked Scott's posts, since they stem from criticism that specifically addressed Scott's own position on women in comics, we consider them to be a discussion about the discussion), we're going to be linking possible trolls too.

We think you guys are mature enough to handle occasionally stumbling across a troll or even someone you just don't agree with.


Ami Angelwings said...

I don't think that what Filby meant was that certain ppl shouldn't be linked but that he feels WFA should not be a place where "regulars" can expect that their personal attacks will be "delivered" via WFA :\

I understand what you and Ragnell mean about "discussion of the discussion", I think some ppl didn't see it as relevant and wondered why it was linked that's all :) I dun think it's any bias towards any particular bloggers. (As I've said, I complain when you link me and I haven't said nething relevent but what I said might be inflammatory towards certain ppl) I think it's just a reaction to their perception that what's reading like a flame war is given attention only b/c of who's involved :\ I dun think that it's cuz they specifically dislike the ppl involved. It's a reaction just to the personal nature I think that ppl are just like "wait... what does this have to do with nething"

But I think you've cleared up to ppl why you feel it's relevant :)

Scott (The Mad Thinker) Anderson said...

For the record, I didn't think those would be linked to. There was a WFA posting that came up after I posted those and they weren't on it, so I breathed a sigh of relief. I wrote something about Ami that I deleted when it was linked to. I really don't expect every complaint of mine to be linked to.

I know people think I post things to get linked and there have been times I have when something is on point, but in this case Ms. Pierce is correct. Those posts have little to do with comics; although, kalinara is right, they do have to do with the conversation related to comics, so I can see why they posted them. I wish they hadn't, but they did and it's their forum.

But the reason I posted them is because I was bothered by what Tim said, and it is my blog to post things that I might be bothered by. Even if I was certain that WFA was not going to link to my blog, I'd still have been upset that Tim called me a misogynist with no life, and I would have written something about it.

Ami Angelwings said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ami Angelwings said...

I think the reason ppl (including me) may have gotten the wrong impression Scott, was that you addressed stuff personally to ppl (like your letter to me) and I wouldn't have known you even did it if I wasn't pointed to it from an outside source, so it just seemed like you expected it to be linked to from WFA (next time email me or something xD). :\ I think everybody feels your pain tho about "breathing a sigh" of relief cuz sometimes you wanna just get stuff out without causing more drama and then you get linked and it's everywhere, but that's the curse of having a public blog I guess! xD It's hard to say nething on the internet without somebody running into it and getting mad that's why I dun rly pay much attention to who says what about me xD