Monday, December 10, 2007

December 9th

First order of business. (Cheryl Lynn)

Volunteer Opportunities (

Reactions, Reviews, and Ideas
X-Men reimagined as shojo manga! (tb)

Growing up with Wonder Woman. (Adalisa)

DC continues the Spoiler tease (Rich)

This sounds kind of terrible. (Nenena)

One More Thought About One More Day (Brian Hughes)

In Review (Shelly)

The Day That Would Never End (Carla Hewitt)

Sunday Trade: Far West (LurkerWithout)

Robots vs Zombies vs Amazons vs Art vs Softcore Porn? (thekamisama)

Back to comics. (Cheryl Lynn)

Diana and Rex (RedheadFangirl)

Stolen shamelessly from Scans Daily. (Cheryl Lynn)

Trebby Takes: The Complete Chester Gould's Dick Tracy Volume 1 1931-1933 (Trebro Productions)

Comics Reviews (Samantha)

THE STATUE. (Heidi Meeley)

Stupid Has a Long Tongue (Ororo)

Pardon My Fanboy (David Brothers)

Gay bees and how Judd Winnick gives AIDS to comics. (MK)

Servicing the Fans (Heimdall)

Webcomics again (Aesmael)

(Review) BtVS 8.09 'No Future For You' Part 4 (StephenT)

Take it Like A Hero: Why Girl Heroes Should Get Hit More (leftarrow)

On Comic Book Feminism: (Kalinara)

I might add, but I won't replace (Brainzfreeze)

Counterpoint to mine of December 9 (Tamora Pierce)

Oh, here's where we differ. (Ragnell)

Girl Power (Kelly J. Cooper)

Just do it (Elizabeth Bear)

I love Comics. (Rational Mad Man)


Anonymous said...

Partitioning by topic, using blank lines and the lack thereof, is a good move.

Putting headers on the sections feels overtly non-neutral to me, especially headers intended to be clever instead of simply informational.

Ragnell said...

Self-deprecating humor always seems to backfire, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

The humor wasn't lost on me, but I think WFA might operate best when there's no personal "self" in it to deprecate, when it's an almost mechanical process of cataloging. Just my .02USD, of course.

Ragnell said...

Noted, and I usually argue for neutrality in selections. But this is so dreadfully dull without the occasional joke in the headers, the titles, or the author notes.

So every five months or so this is going to happen.

zhinxy said...

So every five months or so this is going to happen.

I'd cry if it didn't. :)