Sunday, December 09, 2007

December 8th, 2007

I need an angry feminist icon (The Masked Dreamhare)

Buffy Season Eight "No Future for You" (Slightly Obsessed)

It DOES Happen To Boys Too! (At Least In Countdown Twenty-Two) (Zhinxy)

Wanda. Pietro. Ultimate Incest (Willow)

The breast thing again (Marionette)

We all want to change the world (bitterandrew)

Knitting with only one needle, unravelling fast it's true (Weaves)

Episode #8 - Metaphorical A.I.D.S. (Bispectacult Podcast)
Episode #9 - Mary Jane Must Die (Bispectacult Podcast)

Weather With You. (Karen Healey)

I Read the Internets - 12/8/07 (Revena)

On rearranging the conditions of the test (Tamora Pierce)

Give up all this? (Ragnell)

Wonder Woman (Occasional Superheroine)
Spicy Tales and Strange For A Girl (Occasional Superheroine)
"Catwoman", "Sid's Comics Get Stolen", and "Jack" (Occasional Superheroine)
"Tales From The Refrigerator," "Mothergods and Destroyers," and "Julie Doyle" (Occasional Superheroine)

JLA #15 Review ("Starman" Matt Morrison)
One More Column On One More Day ("Starman" Matt Morrison)

One More Whatever… (Thom Wade)

World's Gayest Comic Magazine (Aron Head)

Douchenozzle of the Week (Ohnochriso)

HEADLINE: homophobe likes racist whales. (mordicai magog, bestiam caeli)

Captain America #32 [Spoilers] (Brainfreeze)

Gorilla Ranch Girls! (Brian Hughes)

Justice League #15 vs Justice Society #11 (SallyP)

A Letter to Scott That Everyone Else Should Respond To Via Letters On Their Own Blogs. (John Jakala)

A Letter to John Responding to “A Letter to Scott ....” (Mad Thinker Scott)
Auntie Feminist vs Ms. Ogyny: Unfortunately Not a Battle of Drag Queens (Mad Thinker Scott)

The care and feeding of trolls (LurkerWithout)


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The link for "The care and feeding of trolls (LurkerWithout)" doesn't appear to be working.

Ami Angelwings said...

you need to add an L to the end of the link so it's html and not htm :)

Anonymous said...

Ragnell said...

Fixed it, Scott