Saturday, December 29, 2007

December 29th, 2007

Earth-11 (Lisa Fortuner)

12/27 -Declarative Rabbit Says… (3 and the CSBG Comment section)

A Kick In The Side (Jack Feerick)

You Aren't Men. You're Just "Market Forces." (Mad Thinker Scott)

Ah, Ah, Ah! (Neal Bailey)

Stupid Heroes (Susan)

Untitled (Shannon)

One More Day Poll (Lisa Lopacinski)

Zealot: the Antidote to Women in Refrigerators - Love Letter, Part the First (Kali)

Persepolis is popular (The Beat)

One More Day - Part 4 - A Review - Amazing Spider-Man #545 (Jim)

A Few Of My Favourite Links…! (Christopher Butcher)

Fangirl Fridays: The "Thank You For Buying Countdown!" Edition (Occasional Superheroine)

Why? (Sean T. Collins)
Sean T. Collins: right to the point (The Beat)

Untitled (S*P/RWW Work Journal)
Yo, Frank! Pay Attention! (Sharon)
And the winner is.... (Caliban)
[Super Stupor] Victims (Something Positive Livejournal Feed Comment Section)
Randy Milholland is a GENIUS! (GeekGirlsRule)
Has Gail Simone seen this? (James Nicoll and his Amazing Livejournal Commenters)
As it should be (Mightbakudan and Comments)
Women as Victim (Gmul)
New GGR! (Sirriamnis and Women in/and/of Comics Livejournal Community)
Attention Jana and Rhias! (Ed Matuskey and Commenters)
R.K. Milholland presents: Women NOT in refrigerators ... (K-Box: the Box in the Box)
Occasional Links: The Custom Supergirl Edition (Occasional Superheroine)


Anonymous said...

Did Scott take down his post or has Yahoo changed their settings on me so I can't see it from work?

kalinara said...

Link should be fixed now. :-)

Scott (The Mad Thinker) Anderson said...

There is something nutty going on with that post of mine. Some error that is hidden in the programming somewhere. Sometimes it comes up and sometimes it doesn't. I don't get it. Sorry for any trouble anyone has with it. If I could fix it, I surely would.

Ragnell said...

Well, you could get a decent blogging service.