Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Weekend Backlog Edition

The disgusting habits of Miss Karen Page.
More things to thank Tamora Pierce for...
Edna Danvers, Feminist
It's A Woman's World!
Save a horse, ride a feminist
The trouble with fandom
Area woman graduates from sitting behind table to writing comics

RIP Miriam Engelberg
Supergirl Jealous of Wonder Woman
More Thoughts On Fabulous Abortions
Random Lantern-related thoughts
Why I don't like Identity Crisis
The Sandman: A Game Of You; transitions, permanence and identity
Ms. Modok
Why I like(d) the Legion
Zatanna: without a real purpose
Nothing Wrong With Him That Death Can't Cure
Review: Cancer Vixen by Marisa Acocella Marchetto, published by Knopf

Cheesecake Appreciation Week, Pt. 2: She-Hulk
Another View of Sexualized Costumes
This is how to draw Supergirl.
I'll take the Mutant power of bringing 2-D images to life now, please, thank you!

Editorial Direction
Not Much of a Girlfriend
Point/Counterpoint in the Blogosphere…
So, Dan, which is it?
Because if Gotham taught me anything, it was certainly to take 'no' for an answer
110 Percent
Showcase fails to present...

Seeing Them Come to Life: Laurell K Hamilton on Anita Blake
My Superpower is Reading

Related Media
Smallville oMISSion
Three Dimensional Cheesecake Sex Objects

Losing My Feminist Cred
Search phrases used to find girl-wonder
Is this what they mean by "strawman"?

An apology to Mark Millar (From Tamora Pierce)


Anonymous said...

From the "Department of Unfortunate Conjunctions."

1. First, read the "Losing My Feminist Cred" link.

2. Then, check out the website and author of "Search Phrases Used to Find Girl-Wonder" link, directly below it.

I couldn't help but laugh.

Betty said...

Ragtime, if you're asking if the carpet matches the drapes, I'm afraid I entertain serious inquiries only.

Erica Well said...

I really like this "batching the links into categories". Nice.