Sunday, October 15, 2006

October 14th

How to Make Money Like a Porn Star
Damn it.
"How To Make Money Like A Porn Star"
Using Wikipedia as a Marketing tool?

Causality and coincidence
Comic Book Review: Outsiders #41
Well, at least it’s not as bad as Jim Shooter’s reign.
Old News
Get out of your bubble

Spooktoberfest Special: The Mind-Melting Horror of Halloween With Tarot!
Really, comic books are sexist?
It is hot...
Oh my.
On content and its place

In which Bill Sienkiewicz is an artist
The streams cross!
The Well-Dressed Villainess
How to draw comics the Greg Land way
Putting thoughts in her head
Another Wardrobe Malfunction?
Censorship and commercialization

Ghosts of Comics Past
The love that dare not speak its name (at least in 1963)
Twenty one years
Babe- a crazy-ass old comic.
What You Find in Family Friendly Comics

For Science!
Returning to Terra: Pros And Cons
A Legacy I'd Like To See...
Heroine Addiction
Fables Special
Then: Hal and Arisa, Now: Jason and Gehenna

Marvel Civil War: The Clone Saga
Still talking about it....
Marvel want more Women.
Hawkeye of Young Avengers
Love, Ditko Style.

Convention Plans
WHO'S WHO in Your Local Comic Shop (part VI)

Heroes (Mostly tangential)
Do Heroes Dream Of Their Own Salvation?
Point/Counterpoint in the Blogosphere…
Power Crime
Nerd Post AND Identity Politics Post
"Heroes" Written A Little Too Much Like Today's Comics?


Bully said...

Thanks for the link--and I really like the themed breakdowns, although I hope it won't keep people from checkin' out all the links just because they may not follow the subject; as always, there's a goldmine of interestin' stuff out there that you've provided the treasure map with a conveniently marked X to.

What a strange, labored metaphor to say "thanks for the great work, as always!"

Kateness said...

I like that you broke them up into categories today...sometimes it can seem intimidating to see just a massive list of random links.

Also: you forgot to link to CrazyElfGirl's "Heroes" entry mentioned in a few of the other "Heroes" links.

ARJ said...

I'd like to ditto the appreciation for the topic headings. Those are really helpful.