Sunday, October 01, 2006

October 1st

(This is not all of the backlog. -- R.)

So Not In My Happy Space

Amateur Art Appreciation Requests Audience Participation

If necessary, will put this in big sparkle text to make it extra true.

*Sits Back with Popcorn*

My Wonder Woman is Gina Torres.

It's Not All About YOU

Editorial Snark: Part 1
Editorial Snark: Part 2
Editorial Snark: Part 3

Vital boob-related information.

DC: Superman
DC: Batman

Sept. 27, 2006: The early adopters (Comic Books section)

Batman #657 blither

Rex Morgan Says "Lay Off the Firewater"

Marvel's Undead Chippendales Dancers

What I learned from this ad

In which girls > gravity

Oh, Wizard, baby, Why you make me hit you?

"I'm very self-reliant!"

Beautiful People

All the posts I never made about Black Panther and Storm rolled into one

Cover to Cover: I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar!

Don’t #$%^ With Colleen Wing

Prove it!

Taking a Sharp Right into the Meta

Seriously, NBC, would it kill you to be a little bit less cliché? (Tangential)
Aw hell... (Tangential)

Where Are The Female Super-Villains?!?

The Week in Ink: 9-27-06 (Tarot Review)
Dubious Comics--#1 of a hopefully brief series

Writing Wonder Woman.

Colleen Doran on Drawing Shoujo Manga


On art...

Comics: Art from AB:GP #3

Art shows in October!.

Here is a forum where artists are drawing male superpeople by the guidelines prescribed for drawing female superpeople. (Comments)

Notes on Gender, Sci Fi, Comics

Why The Trials of Shazam (#2) is a bad comic…

BotD and Superhero Poses

It's especially not funny when an outsider says it.

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