Friday, May 27, 2011

Thursday, May 26th and Friday, May 27th

Women and  Gender In Comics

 Links: Attack of the Geek Girls

“I just wanted to read stories where the women didn’t embarrass me”

Wonder Woman TV Show Cancelled

 Adrianne Palicki Will Not Wear the Venus Girdle

 Michael Ausiello on the WW pilot

Race and POC’s In Comics


Not Strictly Comics

 Suddenly: The First Rendered Image of the Heroine of Pixar’s Brave


Interview with Lara Chapman, Author of Flawless

Interview with Cara Lynn Shultz–Author of Spellbound


BDS said...

I clicked on about ten links and got the Error File Not Found 404 thing. Just letting you know. It is good to see this place up and running again.

T. Laurel Sulfate said...

Thanks, BDS. I'm not sure what I've done here, because I pretty much posted in my sleep. Working on it!

Allie said...

Your coding's a little bit borked - when you click any of your links, the URL comes up prefaced with "< / span >" (without the extra spaces at the end there). Hopefully easy to fix!