Thursday, May 19, 2011

Monday May 16th to Wednesday May 18th

Akira Casting:

Keanu Reeves Passes on ‘Akira’ And Other Updates

Keanu Reeves Passes On Akira

Exclusive: Keanu Reeves passes on Akira, now what?

Akira Pre-Production Halted for The Moment; Keanu Reeves Is Off the Project

Cassandra Cain:

Panel Of The Week – 5/11/11

Gates of Gotham #1: She’s back …


A must read: Gender and Flashpoint #1

On "Flashpoint" # 1: Sex & Gender & The Superhero Cross-Over

Pretty much why I’m not getting Flashpoint.

Is Flashpoint #1 Sexist?

Ghost Rider:

Ghost Rider's Gender Bender

the NEW Ghost Rider


Haruka and Michiru:

So I sort of had to split my Haruka and Michiru rambling into two posts

Continued *thoughts* on Haruka and Michiru

Level Up:

Gene Luen Yang on LEVEL UP: Career or video games?

The Secret Origins of Level Up

LGBTQ in Comics:

Gay Previews 7/2011

X-Factor wins GLAAD Media Award

Crowdfunder: The Pride by Dale Lazarov

[TW] a transcription of my emails with joe palmer, the guy that runs, the queer comics site


Tokyo government reveals restricted manga titles featuring icky stuff

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 5/18/11 — those snoopy Canadians!

Not Strictly Comics:

Badass Women of the Pulp Era

Gender Assumptions in Online Gaming Roles

Race, PoC, & Ethnicity in Comics:

Characters of Colour in superhero Comics - the women

Don't Half-Ass Your Racism

Coming of Age in Comics: American Born Chinese

Women & Gender in Comics:

Also I want to talk about his cissexism and transphobia.

I don’t know why I love this so much!

I really wish she got a chance to be Robin longer.

Remember how they remade The Hulk movie and still no one cared?

Letter to the editor in today’s Batman and Robin 23

My letter:

Batgirl #21

She Has No Head! – Joss Whedon’s Fray

Women In Comics: Marvel, April 27, 2011

Women In Comics: DC, April 27, 2011

Untitled Chester Brown Article

Jade Nguyen (Cheshire)

May: Spider-Girl, by Paul Tobin, Clayton Henry, et al.

Question of the Month: Who is your favorite sidekick?

Links: Boys don’t read?

Characters of Colour in superhero Comics - the women

Brightest Day (ooh I get a bit cross)

The Josei Alphabet: P

Review: Yotsuba&! v. 8-9

Women in Comics: Red Sonja and Power Girl - A New Hope?

Review: The New York Five

Two questions! :D
1) If you were head of marketing for DC, what would you change? How would you do it?

In Brightest Day, Darkest Night that Green Lantern chick’s costume is still right

Bristol Expo Roundup

Wonder Woman:

Wonder Woman Sales: #610 Down Just A Smidge

August 2011 Solicits: Wonder Woman #614

A Psychologist and A Superhero

Wonder Woman TV Show:


So we're back to frisson of woo.

'Wonder Woman' officially canned.

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