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Tetsu-whoa! Akira Rumor Round-Up

Alternate History: How Keanu Reeves Might Have Saved Akira – And Himself [Humor]

Batman Inc:


Today DC gets praise

Batman Inc. #6 shows “Internet 3.0-Barbara Gordon”


OTT I guess: less of a stupid and more of a 'what do?'

You know what confuses me most about how people pit female chars against each other?

See, I agree with most of it, but I feel like it’s unfairly silencing people.

That territory is why I said gendered insults for that situation

OR, as I said before, that to some people, Steph represents a big problem with modern comic books

Well, it looks like I fucked up again, and I apologize.

Off My Mind: What's Next For Cassandra Cain?

Faith Erin Hicks:

Just the Usual Superpowers: A Superhero Girl Collection

Creator Teams a Guys' Girl & a Ghost in FRIENDS WITH BOYS

Geek Girls:

I Am Woman, Hear Me Meander

You Really Shouldn't Have to Prove Your Nerd Credentials


LGBTQ in Comics:

seriously though i mean the lack of queer comic characters except for mostly teen lesbians in marvel is one thing

The Power Within to Overcome Bullying

New LGBT book- Celebrating Pride With Humor by Ed Karvoski Jr.

Steve MacIsaac's Shirtlifter explores the gay male relationships

Cruse-ing the Comics Scene: The Comics of Howard Cruse

Race, POCs, & Ethnicity in Comics:

“All up in the Kool-Aid and don’t know the flavor.”

The Color Of Change

When a coloring mistake means much more

New preview from DC reveals “white washing” mistake

Masked Identity Politics

Race and DC comics

Sailor Moon:

<3 <3 <3 probably my favorite part of the R manga.

Thisssss paaaaage. I can’t taaaake it.

Tim Drake's Sexuality:

why is it always tim’s queerness that people balk at.

Red Robin: Ignorant slash fangirls who refuse to face that facts as of right now.

Why is everyone fighting over Tim’s sexuality anyways?

Well, I don’t think the sentiment is that Tim must be read as Queer.

my current feelings on everyone fighting over Tim’s sexuality.

Tim Drake Drama? For Serious?

Thor Movie:

Something I really liked about the Thor movie...

Neopagans Object to Depiction of Fake Norse Gods in 'Thor'

Thor: If You Survive The First Half, You Might Like It

Open Movie Thread: Thor Scorecard, Conan & Colombiana Trailers, Tarantino vs. Slavery?

Pagans Split on Thor‘s Depiction of Norse Gods

Racism Still Alive, Lets Start Revealin It!!!

Women and Gender in Comics:

3 Chicks Review Comics – Episode 017

She Has No Head! – Caanan Grall’s Celadore

High school is Hell: Marsha and Candis Cooke talk TEENAGE SATAN

Review time! with An Elegy for Amelia Johnson

*Arisa Book 1 — Recommended

Coming of Age With First Second: Anya’s Ghost, Level Up, and Zita the Spacegirl

'Gingerbread Girl' Collects Coover & Tobin's Tale of a Wild and Crazy Lady [Preview]

Green Lantern Movie marketing campaign includes Amanda Waller’s personal blog

Bianca Reyes


Q&A #109: Who is your favorite mother in comics?

"In the early days of the comic industry, female readers were actually the majority of the audience

Gallery Time: Madeleine Rosca

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Red Sonja #56

Review: The Expectant Princess by Rin Ogata & Stella Bagwell

Manhunter: Street Justice

Lucy Knisley pays attention to Harry Potter

The Josei Alphabet: O

Genders and Robots

What's The Big Deal About Natsume Ono?

gonna rant about this until the day Wanda returns as an Avenger

McDonald’s Is At It Again With Dichotomous Gender Roles

Women In Comics: DC, April 20, 2011

Women In Comics: Marvel, April 20, 2011

Wonder Woman:

This scene pretty much sums up my problems with this movie

Wonder Woman Wednesday

The strength of Hercules, the wisdom of Athena, the speed of Mercury... the feminism of Diana

The Man Behind the Amazon

The Beginnings of the Myth

Wonder Woman's Cultural Impact

Diana as a Feminist Hero

Wonder Woman TV Show:

NBC Greenlights Wonder Woman?

First report from Wonder Woman screening - “way over the top violence”

Was Wonder Woman Picked Up For A Series?

Yaoi on the Kindle:

Kindle update: The return of Delivery Cupid

Kindle update: More disappearing manga

KINDLE Yaoi Censorship Updates [UPDATED]

Kindle Yaoi: No Bye, No Aloha

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