Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Sept. 27th


Appreciating the Madness of The Bunty

Candace Bushnell's comments on men and comics

Interesting 09

Wednesday Comics #12

5 Genuinely Worthwhile Female Versions of Male Superheroes

Women in Refrigerators

Lash Lightning, Lightning Girl...and Artist Girl

10 Female Characters that Would Kick Your Face In

Why is it so hard to get strong female characters?

Holy Mackerel, Batgirl Gets A New Costume!

Your gender norms at work.

The Stupid - I've Had It. Damn.

Muse It Or Lose It

Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now: Pregnant at Comic-Con!

Gorillas Riding Dinosaurs: Cursed Pirate Girl #1-2

Faith Erin Hicks Announces Friends With Boys, Her Next Graphic Novel

Scarlett Takes Manhattan

Rape in Spider-man:

The Odd Legal Ramifications Of Dmitri Smerdyakov

An Open Letter to Fred Van Lente

Van Lente is right and NY's rape statute sucks


Manga: Love @ First Sight

Yaoi for Parents, A Crash Course in Boys’ Love by Shaenon K. Garrity– Part One: History

Shoujo Art Studio

Gluey Tart: Future Lovers

Wonder Woman:

“Bound for Feminism” Wonder Woman Lecture at Randolph-Macon College in October

Weekly Wonder Woman Tally: 324


Even the Title Screams Hopelessness

Bound to Blog: Wonder Woman #18


Our Lord of the Quarter Bin

G. Willow Wilson talks Islam and comics

Not comics-related, but, um, have at it:

Sexism is not the Problem; Not Getting Laid Is.


notintheface said...

Will Emmons said...

"We are rooting for you though and we know in a few years time you will be able to match men's quality."