Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday, September 19


Batgirl #5 cover

Yup, we were right.

Batgirl/Buffy and a Bunch of Other Stuff

Super Mega Batgirl Review the Second

Batgirl Returns!

Batgirl #5 Cover Revealed

The New Batgirl Costume

Batgirl's New Threads

CBR: Batgirl #2

Batgirl #2 Review

Post #2: Batgirl

The Spiderman controversy

A comic to lift your spirits

NuSpidey makes the news! And a laundy list of links, feel free to add your own!

NuSpidey Sales: She's the only way they can "hit the jackpot" anymore...

Let's send Disney a Message about Marvel's "All Ages Books"

NuSpidey Spoilers: Oh, I am going to savor this moment...

NuSpidey Spoilers: I am going to try and let the fail speak for itself on this one here...

Wonder Woman

Wonder of Wonders Issue #1

'Fixing' Wonder Woman: Some Thoughts

Save Wonder Woman's Reputation with a Postcard

Weekly Wonder Woman Tally: 175

Fangirl Invasion

FANGIRL INVASION- The War of the Sexes Hits Geekdom

Fangirls and emotion- fact or fiction?

NerdGirl Rage and the Fangirl Invasion

On the "fangirl invasion"


An Ode to Alexandra DeWitt

No Man is My Master: My Love's Portrayal of the Women's Movement

Love Me Tonight, Forget Me Tommorrow: Falling in Love's Potrayal of the Women's Movement

Talking to Paul Tobin about Models Inc. And Moving Forward

WTF is up with Rogue's costume?

Write What You Know?

Marvel Divas: The Women's Comic that Marketed Itself as Cheesecake

The Supergirls: A Feminist Response to Catsuits?

Batman and the Feminists

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