Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday Sept. 20th


Why I Hate Greg Horn

Do today’s comics look like ads for lingerie?

How I Learned to Love The Cat

Whiteout (The Movie)

Yen mangasizes The Clique

Yet another blonde jungle goddess...

Super-Solicits are out (minus adventure)

Barbara Gordon Is Not in a Refrigerator!

In the company of women

Women in Comics conference:

Women in Comics Conference

Women in Comics conference

Women in Comics Conference

Divas and Sirens:

I like the way he draws Eddie, though

Sirens Vs. Divas: Who Will Win The Great Comic Book Cheesecake-Off?


Batgirl #2 Play-by-Play

Your Mileage May Vary: The New Batgirl Costume

Rape in Spider-Man:

NuSpidey spoilers: In which I call shenanigans on Steve Wacker

Spider-Man's Villains: Not Rapists, Says Creator

Really, Marvel?

Do DC and Marvel Need a Special Victims Unit?

Boricua! Morena!

Wonder Woman:

Will Wonder Woman make it to 600?

Bound to Blog: Wonder Woman #17


Sexual Orientation:

Belgrade’s Pride In Its Superheroes – Here They Come To Save The Gay (UPDATED)

Race and Racism:

What is Manga - Definition, Marketing, Purists, and Racism


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