Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday, July 29th

EA Games and the Bounty on Booth Babes

#EAFail Link Roundup

Booth Babe Hauls off on Dante’s Fiasco

Sexist EA Games Objectify Women at Comic Con

Just lust: San Diego Booth Babe Bounty

EA Stupidity Makes Major News Outlet

San Diego Comic Con


Comic Con Offers Attendees Rare Glimpse at Women

Twilight: Con and Con

362 days until Comic Con 2010

more boys vs. girls at san diego comic-con


Reviews 23. 04. 2009.

Comics by women

Gotham City Sirens: Sharp Dialog, Plain Femme Fatales

Comic Retailers Guide on how NOT to get females into your store

Roundtable| Girls and Fandom

The lesbian moments of Wonder Woman part 2

Let Venus Wear Her Girdle, Damn It. (OOCWTVG)

Miley Cyrus confirms rumor: Girls want heroes!

Obscure superhero history: Looking to recognize a pioneer in the field…

Comics by Women: July 29th, 2009

Yet Another “What Women Want” Post

Capitol South- Comic Men

Women in Comics: Spike

Sharing Some Links About Women in Fantasy Art

This week’s reviews…good news, good news

So I hear people read Marvel Comics. Why?

Hey you know what’s awesome? Torture. Also, women’s legs.

are you kidding me?


Comic-Con: Women in Manga

I’m too old for this: SDCC Day 3

Race and comics:

Black Superheroes on the web

John Smith: A respectable Black Sidekick

Animated Bronze Tiger

Pop Mythology, Buying and Selling: A Report From the First Asian American Comic Con

CCI: The Black Panel

Tintin creator was dogged by charges of anti Semitism, racism

The Return of McDuffie: Spider-man, Milestone, the DCBU and San Diego

Ablism and comics:

Reviews Part 7: what makes a good (comic) story edition

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