Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Wednesday, July 1st

The Supergirl Shorts Saga Continues...

WHAT!! More Bike Shorts Talk!

Let There Be Bike Shorts: A Profile in Comic Geek Courage.

Super Girl’s Super Shorts

Comic Conventions

Events: LGBT Comics Signing, Girls Read Comics Project

Comic Convention Hookups

Heroes Con Saves the Day

Johanna’s MOCCA Anthologies: Side B, Secret Identities, Ghost Comics

Won-Won-Wondeeeerrr Woman!

Look! It moves! #5 By Adi Tantimedh- Makes You Wonder-Wonder-Wonder

Wonder Woman is Not Lame

Babs’ Review of Wonder Woman #33


The Source: Matt Idleson Talks About the Super Books

Power Girl Variant #2 and Matching Statue

Power Girl #2 Review

My wonderful job- also, reviews!

Double DC Coverage #14

Marvel Divas Preview is totally cute

Happy Birthday, Comicsgirl!

Comics by Women: July 1st, 2009

The Craziest Costume Changes in Comics

A Woman’s Thought on Female Action Figures

Northlanders #18- A review

Why Stuff like the LA “Girl’s Guide to Comic Con” bugs me


Hikaru No Go books 13-15- Recommended

Race issues and sexual orientation issues in comics

Monet St. Croix- The Black Mutant Supergirl

Peter David, Self Identity and Hispanic Superheroes

The Museum of Uncut Funk

The Trevor Von Eeden Interview

White Guy Breaks Down Racism in Video Games and Comics!!

Headlines I Hate: When Mainstream News Covers Comics

Also of Interest

Geek Feminism

Beyond the Twins: Another Look at “Revenge of The Fallen’s” Character Flaws

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