Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Tuesday, July 7th

GEN Presents: Eisners 2009

George Perez, the zenith of Wonder Woman’s career

There’s no way an outfit like this can stay in place!

One Last Bike Shorts Post

Supergirl Cosmic Adventures- Production Art…Part 9

Comics Round up

Week of 7/8/09

That Archie Guy Gets Around

Supergirls: a history of comic book heroines

In Reterospect, #53 wasn’t so bad (NSFW)

Power Girl #2

Red Sonja #44 and #45

Marvel Divas/ Gotham City Sirens

Girly Comics: Marvel Divas

Girly Comics: Gotham City Sirens

The Best Idea for a DC-Marvel crossover that we’ll never see


A review in four parts: Part 1, manga

Race Issues in Comics

Facepalm time

Black Superheroes on the web

1950’s Comic Code Pushed for Institutionalized Bigotry!

Bring on the Black Bad Guys Round 2

Sexual orientation issues in comics

Gay characters in Comic Books

Lots of thoughts about superheroes kissing

Breaking: Incredible Shatterstar news!

Hey, what’s this lesbian doing in my Detective Comics?

The lesbian moments of Wonder Woman

Also Of Interest:

Can I tell you something? I just don’t get this.

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