Sunday, September 02, 2007

September 2, 2007

Untitled (Batfatty)

Teen Titans #50 Review (Occasional Superheroine/Val D'Orazio)

Amazons Attack is over, now what? (spoilers) (pHilippos, the acidic one)

Barbara Gordon and The Killing Joke: A Clarification (Shelley)

Fast Thoughts - The Week of 8/29/07 ("Starman" Matt Morrison)

In which I briefly repeat myself. ("Starman" Matt Morrison)

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Batman Expresses His Views on Feminism (Ragtime)

Red Sonja's Savage Strength (Teresa Ortega)

Comic Foundry #1 - Truth In Advertising (Brian Cronin)

DP Dot Com Super Heroine Series: STARFIRE ( Staff Member)

Superhero parents (Brainfreeze)

Christian Cass Cain? (pHilippos, the acidic one)

Powers Do Not Equal Personality (Steven Padnick)

Friday Night Fights: Bird Is the Word (Bitter Andrew)

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Misfit Reads Your Mail Forever. (Karen Healey is not fooling anybody)

Buy my comics, make me rich: AMAZONS ATTACK #6 (Will Pfiefer, but the applicable conversation is in the comments)