Monday, September 10, 2007

September 10, 2007

Spectacular Comic Shop Girl #5 (Megan)

Chix in Comics: DC Comics Covergirls (Darlene)

acidic self-reflection (pHilippos, the acidic one)

An Open Letter to Jo Chen (Alpha Girl)

Invisible Women (Karen Healey)

Miss Fury! (Melchior del Darién)

Pete and MJ: Will Marvel pull a "Sacrifice" play? (Notintheface)

Cooke's Power Girl (Melchior del Darién)

Yellowjacket (yo go re)

Baby, why you gotta hurt me like that? (Hoatzin)

Sue’s Revenge. (Typolad)

"O zephyr winds which blow on high..." (SwanShadow)

The Summer of Supergirl, II (Melchior del Darién)

Rucka: Straight White Man looking in. (Graeme McMillan)

Untitled (papervolcano)

More Minx Media (Chris Mautner)

The plight of the privileged (Lyle)

Basics (Ragnell/Lisa Fortuner)

The fairness doctrine (David Welsh)

Interview: Adam Hughes (Alpha Girl)

Breaking news: Girls read comics? (Heidi MacDonald)

Schoolgirl Witchblade (Occasional Superheroine/Val D'Orazio)

Whore Or Not? Newsarama Readers Debate Gwen Stacy's Morality (Occasional Superheroine/Val D'Orazio)

A Top 40, and only a little Countdown (Tom Bondurant)

Broke 50! (Ragnell/Lisa Fortuner)

Worst. Cover. Ever. (Part 13) (Mark Engblom)

In Defense of the Legion of Super-Heroes (Jesse)