Wednesday, March 14, 2007

March 14th, 2007

More about the FOL Empowerment Fund

300, I hardly followed ye. Although, what with the liquor, that may have been my own fault.

Some random stuff

Y: The Last Man, and women in comics

i think this makes me a humorless feminist

Heroic Verse

Watch Out Ladies

Comic Butt-Shots #3: Spider-Woman

When Simon Met Carol

Russell Reviews "Pride of Baghdad" and "JLA"

Audience Participation?

Y: The Last Man gets another nom @ the GLAAD Media Awards!

The Huntress: Darknight Daughter

We Used To Like Ms. Marvel

Chapter One: Royal Flush, Queen High

Doom and Doomer: 300 (part 1)


Zeb Aslam said...

Thanks for the link! I always get an (for me) insane amount of hits whenever you guys link me. And fortunately there is some kind of stop-over since my overall hits tend to increase after one of these too. Thanks again!

Mike Haseloff said...

Butt-shots, eh?

And they killed Captain America for not having a MySpace...

The Fortress Keeper said...

Nice to see Valkyrie on your banner. She's one of my favorites ...