Tuesday, March 13, 2007

March 13th, 2007

Chris' Reviews 3/7, Pt. 2

"She can steal the magick of anybody"

I Read the Internets - 3/10/07

The Origin of Catwoman

Girl-wonder.org news: March 11, 2007

I do not feel well. Woe.

Oh, just stop it. Now.

I Feel Less Anxiety About The De-Gayification Of Midnighter

Estrogen Month - Day 10

Wait. Who did they make Patsy Walker comics for?

Double the Pleasure

Bring me the head of Dan Didio!

Civil War, addendum

The All New Atom - #9 Review

The Problems With 300 SPOILERS!!

In defence of Frank Miller... >.>;;;


Queen Gorgo is such a STRONG Woman

Great Amazon.com Book Review

On a Lighter Note

The Joy of Mutant Sex

Interview meme!

The DC Answer Bull

Gay Italians like yaoi?

Have You Ever Given Up?

Gail Simone | Comments Worth Reading

Bigger Than A Breadbox... And Twice As Deadly!

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LurkerWithout said...

August of 2006? That seems fairly old to get linked to. I mean, I see how it fits with the theme of the linkblog, its just surprising to see it...

Bully said...

"The DC Answer Bull" piece is mine, and is indeed from August 2006. I think you picked it up because I just noticed an error and corrected it, so it probably re-appeared on Bloglines or the Comics Weblog
Update-A-Tron 4000. Sorry about that. It's not a new piece and I don't mean to represent it as one.

Anonymous said...

August of 2006? That seems fairly old to get linked to.

It's just as dated as the gay Italians Yaoi article linked here, that blog entry is based on story from 2002. Italian Yaoi is pretty much died out since then. *scratches head*.

Ragnell said...

Bully -- Ahh, that explains it. Don't worry about it. :)

Anon -- it doesn't matter to me if the linked post is talking about their first exposure to the WiR list. Talking is talking.

Scott said...

My wife has a good rant about 300 and Queen Gorgo here.