Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday Morning Batch

300; or, That's two hours of my life I'm never getting back.

Airport Dispatches


Estrogen Month - Day 21

Estrogen Month - Day 22

Graphic Lit: An interview with Aline Crumb

Insert Irate Cursing Here

Is This Gratuitious? Witchblade: Shades Of Gray #1

Meme Alert! Power Girl

My life with Lulu

Oh well, boys will by boys. Ain't they cute?

Review: Empowered Volume 1.

Short and Sweet

Supergirl [comics] sales drop & its the midriff's fault?

The Difference

The Pause That Refreshes

This is what we call "Not getting it"

What? Andy Capp is sexist? No?!

Who Wotches the Wotchmen? (analysis of gender-bending webcomic)

Women’s History Month: Who Is Your Favorite Woman Comic Writer


Elayne said...

Wow, thanks Melissa, that's three links to my stuff! Still doing Estrogen Month: Pop Culture edition through the end of March and shamelessly swiping spotlighted bloggers from the links you post here.

Marilla P. Alligator said...

Thanks for the shoutout to the Zingerding Blog! We posted another entry about sexism in Andy Capp the following day.

Keep up the good work here! Love it!

Marilla P. Alligator
Chief Blogging Officer
The Zingerding Blog