Sunday, February 04, 2007

February 4 -- Finishing off the Backlog


In Defense of Wonder Woman...
Wonder Woman
Tidbits: Movies, Retail and Writing Aspirations
You Can't Win 'Em All
Josh Whedon out of the Wonder Woman movie
Whedon off of Wonder Woman
End of An Era…
No Diana the Vampire Slayer for you!
Wonder Woman Whedonless
I trust I don't need to outline what's wrong with this statement.

Why I love Geoff Johns :D
Johns leaves Titans, but the next writer (surprise, surprise) may not be any better

‘Rama Rampage: Well, as long as it’s decent.

Ice...just because

“My First Date” (Happy Birthday, Scott)

Maybe I get too worked up ...

Hey Little Sister, What Have You Done: Tales of the Teen Titans #s 48-50

No! No! No! Piper Can’t Be Bad Again!

Welcome to the Diversiverse (Ion #9 and #10, Cover Dated Feb. and Mar. 2007)

Musashi #9 Book 4

Spider-Man: Back in Black


Erica said...

review of She Hulk #15

klio said...

Do you accept suggestions for links? I don't think you've linked this one:

What To Do With Diana of Themiscyra?

It's helping me catch up on a lot I've missed while away from my favourite superheroine reading artsy-tartsy minicomics.

Thank you for this blog--there's always something I'm glad you pointed out.

Erica Well said...

Thanks for the "Warning" link to Cheryl Lynn's Digital Femme blog. I don't wanna have yet another place to memorize a password just to post a comment, but that was a brilliant post she had.

I'll be #6 on that list of ladies concerned about what Keisha and Jazmine are reading.

kalinara said...

We're always glad for suggestions, thanks!