Sunday, February 04, 2007

February 4, 2007

That time of year!
That time of year...again!

Expanding the Readership
Wanted: new editors for DC Comics
Supergirl and Paris Hilton: separated at birth?
Supergirl Redux

Losing It: A Frank Miller Chronology of Failure

A non-spoilery Reaction to Teen Titans:
Choice of Poisons
One small step for OH TIMMY
! Spoiler gets a case!
The Terrible Secret Of Cassandra Cain
Batgirl Returns

Almost There, But...

About damn time
Good News for Wonder Woman Fans
Whedon off Wonder Woman Film
No Whedon Wonder Woman!
Argh. Whedon off Wonder Woman
WW: The Movie / Thoughts
Who Will Script the Fight for My Rights Now?
Goyer and Whedon: a dream deferred
NO. just, freaking, NO.
i'm distraught.
Jenny-O's Wonder Woman
Joss Whedon has announced that he's no longer involved with the Wonder Woman film
I Wonder... Women?
Joss News

You'll Never Look At Superman The Same Way Again

Oh, looky, it’s manga vs capes again

Independent study

YES - Reviews for 01/31

The Politics of the Acockalypse

Thursday Thirteen: 13 Pet Peeves

Madam Whats-Her-Face

What about me?

Superbra Technology

"Our existence deforms the universe, that's responsibility." - Del of the Endless

"Be patient! Not that I will ever have to hear those words."

14 Valentines - Body Image

Perhaps In An Alternate Universe...

I had a huge entry about comics

Equality in death

THE SHORT STACK: Diversity On The ‘Net - February 4, 2007

The Tenth Carnival of Feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy
Call for Submissions: 11th Carnival of Feminist SF and Fantasy Fans

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