Thursday, February 15, 2007

Back to Normal.

The Ormes Society
Cheryl Lynn has some reading for the class.
Cheryl Lynn’s Ormes Society: a proposal
Information gathering!

My vision of Supergirl...Mr. Berganza would probably not approve
Dear Kara....
This is not a post about SUPERGIRL 14.
Japanese elementary school students reactions to Michael Turner's Supergirl
Old School Supergirl

Marvel Knights Poetry Corner
Feb. 12, 2007: Spider-Man’s radioactive sperm, and other atrocities
If I wrote Spider-Man: Reign #3
If you have a speck of good taste, just don't read this. Seriously.
Does What a Spermatozoon Can
My Day of Vindication has Come ...
Spidey's load

Those DC Anime-ized Superheroes.
Sex, politics and religion
Sweet Revenge, on DC Direct & Kotobukiya!
I am Officially the Last Person to Comment On…
No, seriously, what sells the best
Toy Fair’s third day showcases superheroes
Since the federal legislators were busy this week, Nerve instead asked...
DC’s Ame-Comi Super Heroines
Comic Drama: Dance, Batgirl, dance!
Who's Manga's Market?
New, From DC Direct!
Toy Fair 2007 starts today
That Animain't Right

Atari Force: The Mother and Child Reunion Is Only a Multiverse Away

Cage wants Mendes to play She-Hulk

Elayne's views on NYCC panels

All Star Excuses

A couple of radical statements about sex, from the end of my rope.

it only ripped slightly when I threw it across the room

Stuff and things...

Ruminations on Psylocke

"You Had Me At Goodbye" -- The Stalker And You

She's Spartacus

The Difference Between Juvenile and Wizard

This is Glory #0...

Let Fly The Freak Flag!

That's A Lot Of Child Support

Romance Special: The Matrimonial Mishaps of Lois Lane, Part Three

Girl Stories

Romance Special: What's In A Name?

This is for Ethel Guiness, Wherever You Are

And yet another question

The Goddess Athena Speaks.

Everybody Knows That No Woman Can Keep a Secret

PSA: Delicious Candy!

Ms. Marvel is Cool:

20 Comics That Can Change Your Life

Comic store clerks have some Nerve

The Putting Things Together Files


Sleestak said...

Wouldn’t have been less…stupid…to explain that Peter’s changed genetic material could prove toxic or carcinogenic after prolonged exposure? According to Reign then all of his biological products are deadly. Does that mean Spider-Man’s organic webbing is also radioactive? Think of all those people exposed to it over the years standing around waiting for it to dissolve to be released from being webbed up (criminals, cops, civilians, etc) then breathing in the toxic particles. Peter would have racked up a huge body count for a super hero.

Ami Angelwings said...

Or nebody who uses a machine after he does at the gym. XD